Please do not post questions asking for crack-type software. This degrades our community’s integrity.

It is my understanding that when using any type of eval software the EULA (end use license agreement) states quite claearly that using the software in it’s complete form (as of trial version install date) beyond the stated amount of time allowed for that application (IE, your agreed trial start and end date, like apr. 1st, to apr. 16th) (most demo apps remove features or altogther stop functioning after said date) as breaching the EULA you agreed to. Altering the software via cracks to extend past the X amount of days allowed breaks 2 parts of said EULA: 1. it extends the agreed trial time, and 2. it explicitly alters binary data which is against the EULA as well.

Because I cannont afford Photoshop, I use gimp under linux. Because I cannot afford DVD playing apps, I use free ones under linux.

I apologize for being an arse eariler. I hope this clears up any mis understandings.

I wasn’t…I wouldn’t download warez…

See above post.

i love that album (wish i was a mod, so i could lock)