Neverwinter Nights .mdl and Blender


Some of you might know of an older game called Neverwinter Nights or NWN.

NWN uses .mdl files for it’s models.

From what I see on my searches converting the models to ascii format and using gmax is one way to work with the models.

I for one have never used gmax. I learned my modeling skills (as poor as they are) with Blender. (A little with 2.49 but most with 2.5 beta)

I would like to work with the models in Blender if I could since I know how to use the applciation.

Does anyone know a way to do this? Even if I need to use another program to convert those files into something blend can use, and then convert them back for NWN when I am done. Im fine with that if I could just model in belnder.

I know there is a Neverblender project from a long time ago, but no idea how/if that can/will help.

Can anyone help me with this? Im fine with another prog to do the conversions. Just need to model in blender and convert them back for NWN.

(Granted NWN is about a decade old and there are probably little to no blender peeps who even know what NWN is…)

…dieing to model some NWN stuffs…