new 2.5 how to

general question for 2.5 intro

ok this is a totaly new system and i’m just beginning to learn it
and having some difficulties compared to 2.49

like i cannot even move objects and where is the gadget!

here are a few general questions that would help to start on the right foot

1 - console
the data on the console seems to be gone ?
is it still usefull ?
can you print from scripts like in 2.49?

2 - suzanne object
suzanne object is gone ?
is it going to be back or gone for ever?

3- widget
where is the widget or can we activate it ?

4 - cube lock on screen
why is the cube lock in transform pane?
and does it means that all objects are lock when you add a new one ?

5 - moving objects
hwo can you move an object in there ?
i tried to move the cube but it does not want to move
i can move if i change the values in transform panel
but the mouse cannot move it ?

6 - adding objects space bar
is there an equivalent for adding objects like space bar ?
right now i can add with the top header add menu
but its a little slow ?

7 - user preferences
anyway to save user preference with this version?
the user preferences area does not have anything yet ?

seems to be a magnifier at top header where you can save user preferences
but don’t know where it’s going to save this ?

8 - timer
there seems to be a new function on top header in menu on right
job timer
anyone know how to make this work

9 - text size everywhere
anyway to make the text size bigger
hard to read whitout a magnifier ?


2 - Suzanne is in my build
3 - widget. works just like 2.49 in my build
5 - G (grab) works in my build
6 - Shift+A works in my build

Build 22451 on a mac

Other features - be patient its not complete yet.


i guess it’s not yet complete

but still how come the n transform panel show that the cube is lock ?
does it means that you cannot change the size or move it ?

mind you grab seems to be working
hope to get that widget as soon as possible
it 's very usefull and so easy to use !

and what about the size of characters eveywhere

i’m gone need a magnifier to read all these font at size 8 or 6 ?
it should be illegal to write so small
this is not a contract spec sheet hope there is a way to increase the letters size?


If the transform panel has the numbers locked, unlock it.

For font size, look in User Preferences / System / DPI

Try a more up to date build


i open the user preference area and got nothing for this version?

is there another way to get to theses user preferences?


Just tried in XP and this has widget, user prefs etc (I assume windows)

For others:


that’s the one i’m trying?

how come i cannot see the widget

anything special to do to see this

are you on an XP or vista PC ?

sorry you have to set one or more selection beside the widget to activate it !

it’s not by default ?

now i still don’t see the suzanne piece in that one
do you see it ?



ok beginning to see better now

now just have to make one little script to begin to work

have you tested if script can be executed in this version
i tested a script but cannot see anything on screen ?
but no errors
so good in one way but don’t see the panel unless it’s somewhere else ?

i found the new user preference panle
but cannnot locate the new DPI setting
in which menu is is located ?


The DPI setting is in the User preferences pane in the System settings under System. It is currently set to 72 dpi. If you increase this the font size will increase.
To run scripts you can open the py file in a text window and run it with Alt+P. They will probably not run since they were written for python 2.5 but this version of blender is complied with python 3.1 and the syntax will have changed. I tried with the bevel centre script and it failed with an error.


change that DPI but it is slow?
wow never seen so slow that in blender before!

i’ll chekc some more on scripts