New 2.8 UI is annoying

Stop complaining. You get software for free and unless you pay money, don’t have the right to demand anything.

One Industry Compatible keymap works this way, of course :slight_smile:

I don’t know how people usually work but my workflow in low poly / edit mode is: select something (polygons etc.), move them or some other operation, then deselect all and repeat that. So deselect is in a big role. In fact I almost never use “select all”, why would you? That’s why deselect in A makes much more sense, because it’s way more often used in my workflow. I don’t know how people are 3D modeling, but that’s how pros like myself work.

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I’m considering switching to it. Just loss aversion bias and all that. :confused:

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when you simply select a new vertex or edge or face, you automatically deselect everything else …
you don’t need to press A to deselect everything

I infer that you are “pro” only partially on blender

I got a little angsty when they made that change but then I remembered two things.

  1. It’s pretty simple to get the old behavior back

  2. Clicking into empty space is a quicker way to deselect (for me at least)

When you press A to deselect it’s always consistent. No need to click into some random space, it’s way slower and when you deselect with A you are also dividing the workload more to both hands, something to keep in mind with serious amount of work.

“Select all” functionality is common in different applications. Its also frequently used in my Blender UV-Unwrapping workflow.

I have a problem with this:

The values box should create itself under where I click. Or to the right instead on the left side as the little drop down arrow is there.

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“alt A” it is not so slow as a shotcut…
and in any case you are used to it badly, because you do one more operation…

From the moment you just select a new portion of geometry or object, the next you need to manipulate, automatically deselects everything else …
Why do you ignore this possibility if it is much more immediate and you want to do one more operation by deselecting everything before performing a new editing ???

Unless you then decide to use box select or circle select.
deselecting all so you’re clear and ready for any next operation is a decently good practice.

to tell the truth I would have something to say about the various select modes too, and it’s not about the shortcuts, but about the way they work, not very fluid …
for example, if I selected the circle mode, and I want to switch to the lasso or square selection mode, I must first close the circle mode and then select another selection mode …
while for me it would be more logical to switch from one mode to another simply by directly pressing the appropriate shortcut … (I know that putting the industrial keymap works a little faster …) this is a defect inherited from the 2.79 series … and none thought to make it faster …

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It depends which tools you’re talking about.

For the modal tools, it may be more convenient and easier perhaps to have the shortcuts for the other tools work whilst each is in use, but not particularly faster. This is because cancelling is on the mouse, so the duality of the controls removes the speed benefit.

Since modal tools can have their own shortcuts, creating exceptions would have to be considered carefully aswell, as one might start wondering why they cannot switch between any two modal tools. If someone is used to the simple switching of the selection tools then using ones without that functionality (as they require hotkeys, such as the knife tool, or fly/walk navigation) would become less fluid and intuitive/consistent.

This may be a worthwhile tradeoff, but keep in mind some things aren’t always as black and white as they appear.

In my opinion, using the double A press for deselecting works almost as fast and you know for sure that everything is getting deselected.

Clicking in empty space, I haven’t used that near as much, except by accident and having to Ctrl-Z to get my selection back.

How do you feel about the way the W key cycles between the selection tools?

I’m from the old school, I use rightselect and blender shortcuts, although I think the W cycle is perhaps better …
but you gave me an idea,
I almost try to customize the C shortcut with the same usage mode to see how it goes …

That was my thought that you could create a new shortcut with just Circle and Lasso say, and use it to toggle back and forth quickly. But looking at it, the Cycle option used by the W shortcut seems to work based on the set of tools defined on the button sub-menu, and I don’t know of a way to change that without editing the Python script that builds the UI (which is NOT the one you get if you right click on the toolbar and choose Edit Source (with Developer Extras turned on)).

Blender 2.8 is a disaster. i looked and tried to work with it. But the vertical tabs are annoying. The did split to much things over different tabs. It makes it hard to work with blender in quick and easy way.

The need to bring the old horizontal buttons back and drop the bad colorfull one sthat are not rteallt clear to. Improve the UI also by remove the vertical tabls in the Tools panel and combine it into one big screen like 2.79 where you just can quick scrool up or down to change something.

The biggest mistake in blender is to split to many things into different tabs etc. Lot’s of things are hidden / invisible. Not like the menu on the left side.

Then you have the opacity of some menu’s wrong ! So wrong !. in 2.79 good readable. in 2.8 screwed because you see the grid and other things behind it.

The filebrowser in 2.8 is very bad to, it also not let you customize things and a cluttered mesh.
2.49 where bad UI, reason why i never used blender. But 2.8 is also not the UI to go for, It’s harder to learn then 2.6 that i could work with in 14 days. 2.8 is going to take a few years, when am in the mood to try using it.

This 2.8 design is so wrong and so difficult. I tried to set the UI good, but not got it better then this. I mabye get it someday better.

So, now to the good UI, where everything is just easy to access with one click and good readable no silly opacity on things.

Really, the 2.79 UI beat 2.8 in all directions.
2.79 is easy , fast. If blender just but eevee in 2.79 UI it would rock.

Meanwhile. not happy because creators of add-on sthing 2.8 is good and start to drop support for 2.79. And you cannot upgrade anymore because the UI of 2.8 is terrible. Not foudn a better word then terrible !

ADD: Just lot’s of good panels are misisng in 2.8 like the vertical tabs in 2.79. The 2.8 UI is chaotic !

remvong the double function of the A key is one. ALT A is bad, you need to find a strange key combination that takes time. While presseing A for dselect or deseclt is super. Think i have fixed it. But another default fail in 2.8

I would say, put a blender 2.79 UI mode into Blender 2.8 That would make it rock ! And easy for lot’s of people to upgrade.

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I believe the expression is Your Milegage May Vary.
Personally, I am finding 2.80 to be a much more fluid workspace and I definitely work faster in it.