New 2.8 UI is annoying

Well, just like @colkai, I find Blender 2.80 UI better and I prefer to work with it. Just give it a go, but not a day. Try to work with it for few days/weeks. Right now I can’t imagine to work in 2.79 again.

I prefer opened panels grouped into several tabs with meaningful names to access dozens of settings, at a time, than a unique tab with dozens of closed panels that are still forcing me to scroll and make 2 or 3 clicks to access one setting.

Reason of more split is simply because amount of Blender settings is increasing. They just tried to keep things readable.

But if it is what you want, you can obtain all panels into on vertical tab in Sidebar of 3DView.
Do a shift left on each panel and it is no more necessary to switch to another tab.

That was already possible in 2.79. Because people requested to have more 3D space represented on their screen.
2.8 just have the option enabled by default, with a better support than in 2.79, because that invisible region background does not prevent selection and interaction with what is visible, anymore.
But that is still a user preference. You can disable that Region Overlap preference if you dislike it.

What do you mean ?
It is the same filebrowser than in 2.79 with same filters and same previewing options.

On default 2.8 keymap, A is used to select all, Alt A to deselect all and dbl-A as an alternate shortcut to deselect all.
You can attribute A to toggle between select all and deselect all as in 2.79. But there will be conflict if you don’t deactivate or suppress dbl-A shortcut.
And these shortcuts are re-used everywhere, so, it takes time to modify keymap to restore that.

The easiest thing if you are used to 2.79, is simply to load 2.7x keymap. That way, all your problems of 2.8 unusual shortcuts are solved.

Well, that’s something else. I want to have Transform + View It’s very annoying that the did put it in different tabs. makes t harder to work with. (to much clicking on tab at the wrong side) in the same tab. Tried it with left shift but that option is for making new windows.

The main problem is the the most important part in filebrowser Volumes is always minimized. It does not stay open. So you need to open it every time.

It’s always close with a new project. I have that problem not with 2.79. Bug ? that Volumes the most used one is not is open default.

I did load the 2.79 keymaps yes.

With the imminent official release of 2.80 I think a lot more non-developer users will start digging into it (all the “meh, I’ll wait for the final release” people) and after a few weeks I think we may start to see some consensus on where the rough edges in the UI redesign are and how things might get smoothed a bit for 2.81.

And Blender’s UI and keymap system (not to mention the Python API) are soooo flexible that there’s almost nothing you can’t change to work exactly the way you want. Ok, maybe vertical properties tabs are the future, but if you don’t like the tab colors they’re (mostly, sigh) all themeable so you can turn them all back to grey it you want.

Shift left click on Panel Title, not on editor corner.

It looks like there is a bug. Saving another Startup.blend or userpref.blend does not change that.
You can edit script to delete DEFAULT_CLOSED option.
The script is located under 2.80/scripts/bl_ui folder.
I agree that is not a great default to have this panel closed.

Is it possible to assign a hotkey to the navigation bar in Properties panel?

It’s possible to collapse the navigation bar - which I just found out yesterday - or switch it to the right side.
It might be usefull if you could hide/show it with a hotkey just like the tools (with T) and options (with N) bars in other windows.

ok all this is fine and dandy. Can we just get an OLD UI theme in preferences so i can at least find everything like in 2.79?

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so I just uploaded a file that ive been working on in 2.79 and I switched to eevee and all my materials didn’t show which is fine I figured something like that might happen but then I went into each object and messed with the materials to get them to work again and I couldn’t get glass shaders to work and I couldn’t hide emission objects from the camera so they just show the emission and not the object is this a common problem with everyone else?

I think soem things are fine. But still cann ot work or get friends with this terrible 2.8 UI.

Next problem is that for some reason blender think default to not place a new object at 0,0,0 but where the cursor is placed. But why did the placed the cursor not at 0,0,0 with a new project.

Well, let’s make a new startup file. Nope, the remove dthat important functionality ! Cannot save startup file anymore.

Now am afraid you cannot tell blender anymore to not load the blend file settings, because i turned that off in 2.79 Works much better if you not use wrong layouts.

But for that you first need to have the option to make a new startup file.

Can we not just have a 2.79 theme in blender 2.8 that solve all problems of this design.

Still missing the panel behind some button bars.
Like this one,

put like blender 2.79 a solid bar behind is, makes it much better.



Maybe you can’t, but that’s another matter altogether.


looks like you are too lazy to learn something new



First, I noticed, that keystrokes moved, so I had to re-learn how to use Blender. Things (like camera fly mode, or space->‘list all operators’ ) which had different key stroke for 2.79b or 2.80. “Merge Vertice”, important for my workflow. It also moved in the 2.80 UI.

But such changes are not really a sign of a bad interface. Blender evolves, and I am glad it does.

The tool bar has never been that beautiful in older blenders. Property icons do work well with a horizontal condense Property Editor.

Imo, the way workspaces are organized (Layout, Modelling, Sculpting, etc.) is a huge step forward. Collections too. In 2.80, Bones are still stuck on bit-based layering. Bone Groups wont compensate this. But I am confident, that there will be a more scalable and modular way to organize bones in the future.

Please, dont be angry. I use Blender pre-2.80 on a daily base, I dont see much advantage of the 2.79b UI over the 2.80 one.

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I did download latest 2.8 version. and lokked again for video. i found the startup file. The moved the startup file under “File->defaults” So on problem solved only 100 to fix.

Cursor is now start at 0,0,0 :slight_smile:

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Na, good to hear. :slight_smile:

These ‘application templates’ … someone used them? Current application templates seem optimized for single monitor use.
In future, I would love to do my own application templates, set-up for 2 monitors.

2,80 has like the best multi-monitor support! Multiple Main Windows, each with their own scene and active Workspace, multiple sub Windows linked to each Main Window that act as extensions that follow the Workspace, and all these windows can be placed on specific monitors with sizes and positions and minimization state etc. and it’s all saved in your .blend / Startup file. I’m not sure how to make it any more epic.


I was just speaking about a custom preset, optimized for 2 monitors. Think further. For each kind of workspace, you have to setup a 2nd screen by hand, for each new file and each new workspace you use. Thats what I like to simplify with a custom template. So, with each project, its already customized for 2 monitors, without the need to tweak anything.

I do not have experience with “Install Application Template”. Seems to look for a zip file? Someone has experience with it?

You shouldn’t need to go as far as Application Templates for this for your own setup. If you want to distribute something for other people to use then yes, you can probably do this with Application Templates (though I haven’t played with it yet). There may be issues with setting up a portable multi-monitor setup where it will magically work regardless of how people have their relative monitors set up etc.

For your own system can just create your two monitor setup, preferences, and everything the way you like it and File->Defaults->Save Startup File, and from that point forward any time you do File->New->General then that exact same two-screen layout will come up, as well as every time you start Blender.

Yes, you need to setup the second screen layout you want for each Workspace, but I’m not sure how you would make this less work. You just have to do it once for each Workspace, and you setup the second monitor Window->New Window once, and then just cycle through the Workspaces and create regions in the second window for each editor you want there. Or a simple way to do it is just use Window->New Main Window for the second screen, and then you can have any two of the single screen Workspaces at the same time, one on each monitor.

Something that may not be obvious at first glance is that Blender actually has five different document templates built in, and you can save a customized layout for each one of them. They have fixed names which I don’t think you can change currently, but each of the options under File->New (General, 2D Animation, Sculpting, VFX, and Video Editing) can be customized. Just do File->New and the template of your choice, then customize it and when you do File->Defaults->Save Startup File, it will save a custom startup for the template you used as a base, so the next time you use that File->New option you’ll get that specific customized layout.

So that gives you five customizable document templates with full multi-monitor support without needing to mess with Application Templates.

At home I’m on linux mint with a 3 monitor setup.
I currently have to click in each application window to activate it for it to accept keys.
Application windows were made using Window/New Window.
I just tried on windows, and it has the same issue; keys not accepted on other monitor without clicking to activate it.

Is there any way on linux to avoid this?

Mh …
it could be done even simpler.

We do have ( Window // “New Window” ). It will drop workspace navigation. But ( Window // “new main window” ) keeps workspace navigation. For a multi-monitor setup, we could use “new main window” for our advantage.

E.g. if there is a sculpting workspace, I could create an ImageReference workspace and activate it for the 2nd monitor. I also could re-use ImageReference workspace for texturing later. “New main window” ensures, that 2nd monitor workspace does not change if we change workspace of first monitor. Makes multi-monitor setup simpler and much easier to maintain.

Something interesting about “new main window”. It does not force us to use same scene on each monitor. This could push “render to texture”-workflow to a next level. One scene for generating texture brush (Cycles or Appleseed with OSL), other scene for using texture brush (Sculpting or Texture Painting). I was not aware of it, its exciting!

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