New 2.8 UI is annoying

Yes, the same here in KDE. Apparently it is not enough with mouse over the work area, the window in which you want to work must be active/selected first so that it can accept keyboard entries.
You notice that in the case of the menu, fields or gizmos for example, when you mouse over them they are highlighted, so Blender knows that the mouse is there without needing the window to be active/selected. So perhaps there is a solution for developers to implement what you ask for.

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Ok, thanks. I was hoping there was some kind of linux setting somewhere.
Yeah, I have the same issue with keyboard input on two term windows on same screen. Mouse is ok, but not keyboard.

Guess what I would like is keyboard input to act same as mouse input; doesn’t force “activation” in the sense of “bring to front”.

I’m using Linux Mint so YMMV. I have my window focus set to mouse and I have automatically raise focused windows set to off. What this does is that when I move the mouse over a window it will automatically get the focus, no clicking required. This also brings along the keyboard, but you have to keep the mouse inside the window or you will lose focus.

I like this as when I have overlapping windows I can change the focus without the windows popping up over each other. I can have documentation open in one window on top of another window, say a terminal. I can then move the mouse to the terminal window and type away with the documentation still on top and visible. One example. :slight_smile:

Wait! In KDE, System Preferences > Window Behavior > Focus (really my system is in Spanish, it should be something similar), there in the configuration slider, starting from the third level of configuration it has the behavior we are looking for. So definitely this is a matter related to the Window manager of the OS.

Thank you! I set mine to “Sloppy” (ehh?), whatever that means, but it seems to do just what I was looking for. Works in Blender on multi monitors and terminals. Prefs/Windows/Behavior tab on my default Mint Cinnamon.

Yeah, I’m going to bug this. It looks like we could probably do a much better job here. On Linux I would think that if you changed your window manager to mouse focus that it would automagically activate the window that your mouse is over. Though some people just can’t stand mouse focus.

I created but there’s a chance it will get closed as not really being a bug but more of an implementation feature that could be improved in the future.

Can’t find where is display option “Number” in Particle Settings. In 2.7x it shows particle indices, seems like gone in 2.8. Or is it already in release candidate?

You are right. It is missing.
I think that is part of a bigger change.

There is no way to display indices for mesh elements, too.

There is, in viewport overlay, mesh edit mode, developer -> indices.


… after enabling Developer Extras in preferences,


Oops, indeed, should have checked, must have enabled it some time ago. Thanks!

So, enable Edit -> Preferences -> Interface -> Developer Extras. Then in edit mode there’s an option: Viewport Overlay -> Mesh Edit Mode -> Developer -> Indices.

I will never understand why it is hidden by default. Option could simply be disabled by default.
It does not make sense to hide it. Common users are also using it.
It is not a python expression. It is just a number.

So, Blender is hiding simple number like that ; but you need to perfectly know python name of an operator to assign a shortcut to it.

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Been using Blender for almost 2 decades. The new UI is horrible. Period.

A half-a*** approach to improve user experience done by people having little to no UX design experience. That “scrambled eggs” comment said it all and brought it to point. Hole IT world is going bonkers no matter where you look, Windows 10 with forced updates, Firefox forcing DNS over HTTPS, l don’t get it… why Blender, why?

I am so tired of functions that are now hidden behind many rollouts, tabs, submenus. Setting a particle system is now a never ending mouse clicking/clacking/scrolling journey…


Cost of complex software?
I upgraded to a 3 monitor system. 1 for main editing, 1 for the most used panels, project notes, split outliner etc, and 1 for rendering and youtubing/other.

Huh? It’s just the same as before!

… you do realize that William Reynesh, who contributed heavily to Blender’s 2.5+ interface design, was also the one designing 2.8 right? You are attacking the very same designer of the interface you claim to love. Ironic.

The updated UI is not a downgrade, nor is it bad. You are just experience what a lot of software users experience, which is the dislike of certain changes often tied to muscle memory. There are improvements that can be made, it can be refined further, but lets not pretend its some how some sloppy UI/UX job when in reality it is the exact opposite.


I wonder how much is down to some kind of shock. I’m one of those people who started playing around with 2.80 beta versions over a year ago. I can’t date it exactly but I uploaded a couple of experiments to Youtube around the start of May 2018.

Since then I’ve been following 2.80 threads here, and from here to various places developers post things. I’ve been watching Pablo’s Blender Today Livestreams during this whole time too. I maybe grabbed a fresh build of the beta once every week or two or more often if there were exciting new features or, more rarely, showstopping bugs.

Prior to the official release by some months I started using 2.80 for everything. I decided to dive in at the deep end and and go “full default” - left mouse select and all. After about a week and a half I adjusted, and after about two weeks I found it unpleasant to have to open 2.79 for anything.

I guess my point is: For new users it’s probably dramatically better. For older Blender users… you get out what you put in. The human brain is remarkable at adapting to change if you allow it.


That is how to say: it is better that you adapt to the situation, or as an Italian saying: “Either eat this soup, or jump down this window”.


A good example of this axiom in reverse would be when I had to run back to 2.79 to try something out here a couple months back.

…it was like a straight up kick to the head. Everything was all jumbly, crowded, and hard to find. I absolutely hated it, despite the fact that I’ve been comfortably using it on and off for at least 6 years before switching to 2.8.

Wow. I didn’t know Italians were that hardcore about their soups. O_0