New 2016 Animation Movie "Space oddity" (done in Blender)

Hi guys. 99% of this animation done by me in Blender. Only 1 percent - After Effects and Photoshop. I was working on this animation movie alone for 6 months. Here you can see my result after 1 year of learning Blender. Everything that you see here done completely by me – all the models, animation,rigging,post processing… Nothing borrowed except some free textures and sounds. This is was also my first human characters animation. Rendering took one month. Was rendered by using render farms Render Street and Sheep IT and my own laptop Lenovo Y50. Its 10 minutes long

Here is the few shots from animation -

Here is the link -

Recently someone had reported a bug with that scene :slight_smile:

This must have been a huge work for just one person…
Really very well done! Congratulations, the effort was worth it.

Thanks a lot mate. Yes it was a big challenge since i am just one year with Blender. Before i known nothing about animation.

P.S. Yes it was me who reported the bug. And thanks to Brecht Van Lommel who helped me to fix it.

good work for just 1 person
very good modelling but i think you might need to learn a bit more about textring properly’
some of the textures in the animation were good but most looked flat
especially the rocks at the beggining

that must have taken a lot of time and you should cont​nue working in blender

Yusuf Raja

Hi! Thanks for the comment. I thought there is not gonna be many viewers with eagle eyes to see those stones that far from the camera:) I seen that… but i want to explain why first shots and beginning of the movie were not as good as middle scenes and the end…

…Thats because i started to do them 6 month ago when i was learning Blender for sixth month at that point. Than each month my knowledge of Blender was getting better up to this point (when i am now 1 year with Blender) so its also reflected in the animation (hopefully you can see the progress as it goes closer to the end). But i didnt come back to those made 6 month ago old scenes as i got tired at the end and wanted to finish this movie as soon as possible (coz when you working with one project for 6 month you getting not only tired, but bored)… If i start to make a new scenes now i will be more picky to details and textures especially if it will be short animation or still image. But this movie is 10 minutes long so it was very hard to refine every single frame.

Now i will concentrate on shorter animations but will try to make them higher quality. Next one planning to make a car animation with some physics, dust particles from under the tires, exhaustion and some interesting landscape around… Third one will try to make a realistic polar bear animation. This are much shorter so will be careful to details.

that explains it
i am learning blender for one month now and i now am starting to understand how it works properly
i am looking foreward to seeing the car animation

some of my early work:

Yous pelt weeks wrong on the newspaper. dont know if that was on purpose
it says: “NASA plans to have it up and running in two weaks”
Also the music is good, where can i find it?

Yes. It was my bad . Was making that newspaper from many different sci-fi articles, cutting them so could miss something.

Wow, man. Thats impressive! Its hard to believe that one person could do this. So much work here. I especially like explosions scene when fan rotates at 06.30. Also space lift looks so realistic.