New 2016 Animation Movie "Space oddity"

New 2016 Animation Movie “Space oddity” (done in Blender)

Hi guys. 99% of this animation done by me in Blender. Only 1 percent - After Effects and Photoshop. I was working on this animation movie alone for 6 months. Here you can see my result after 1 year of learning Blender. Everything that you see here done completely by me – all the models, animation,rigging,post processing… Nothing borrowed except some free textures and sounds. This is was also my first human characters animation. Rendering took one month. Was rendered by using render farms Render Street and Sheep IT and my own laptop Lenovo Y50. Its 10 minutes long

Here is the few shots from animation -

Very nice, congrats!

Here is my critique

  • Exposition scenes need to be shorter, and get rid of anything that is not absolutely necessary to understand the story.

What I got from the story is this:

  • We finally device an efficient method to deliver payloads to space (the space elevator is not feasible but that is another story)
  • Somehow aliens are aware of this breakthrough and decide to attack (before humans get to space and Trump builds a wall around the solar system)
  • Everything goes to hell and the space elevator is destroyed.

BTW its not finished, I was expecting a big explosion at the end…
If you spent all that effort I think you have to finish it, make a final scene where the aliens destroy the elevator it falls down and then the mothership departs, yes, it’s a pessimistic ending but at least it’s an ending.

I think that you have to edit so the rhythm and timing gets consistent check out this guy video:

I suggest you change the name because its confusing, there is already a short called “space oddity” by Tom Walks.

As I said congratulations its a very good work, hope you finish it.
Best regards!

On the space elevator idea:


Thanks! Yes you guessed it! That was the idea. And my final scenes are should have been explosive. But at the end i tired (it was 6 long months) and since to make realistic explosions at th end it requires more and more time and efforts so i decided not to continue and dont know if its really important now coz i was not sure if my animation will get enough attention. But if it will i will make the end.

And thanks for the suggestions and for the link.,I will check this out when have a time

What? No more critique? Then i quite surprised and proud for getting that small critique for ten minutes long animation :slight_smile: . Thank you guys!

I thought that better to add video link here so people will see video player here without need to go to youtube channel, because not all people used the youtube link previously provided above.

Really good job and a lot of work done here. Had a lot of fun watching it.

Although the visuals were interesting to watch, I have problems with this video. As mentioned before, the pacing needs to be fixed. It you need to get to the point more efferently. After the title intro where it was stuck at the sun for a few moments, I grew impatient. Okay, you’re showing me a location outside for 5 to six seconds. Time to move on. Then came the part showing the camera moving up the orbital elevator that moving SOOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOW! I had half a mind to stop watching! Let’s be honest here and ask yourself do you really need 30+ seconds showing the entire thing plus to have the viewer be stuck there even longer? The same can also be said when he’s in the ship and the fighters are flying by. Edit some of the scenes that are taking too long because the average attention span is 2 minutes. If you can’t keep them enraptured during that time frame, they will lose interest and move on.

The next thing is the movement. It felt a bit clunky and the walk cycle could use a bit more splining.

I thought you had some great shots. Render must have been a b****. A very good effort for your first movie. It is so easy to get lost on the first one and get enamored with the technology. I think moving the story along a little quicker would help as mentioned earlier. Story boarding with a script may help for the next one. Overall very good!



Thank you guys for the comments.


Thanks. By the way thats already second time you calling my animations slow )) First time you was saying same things about my animation of the insects world a while ago -

So i dont know probably its just my bad habit and i have to get rid of it. Will try. About the clunky movements of the character…it was actually my first humans character animation so yes they are a bit stiff but i didnt spent too much effort on the movements graph editor and NLE editor since overall scene was too large and complicated i had to cut the corners somewhere or neglect a bit, otherwise it will take ages to finish it. What i was messing around mostly its a modelling, texturing, compositing, simulations, camera work, constraints. And my overall goal was just to test myself on what animation i able to do after 1 year of learning Blender and when i started this film i didnt expect or even believed that i will be able to finish it. Mostly i was scared of rendering all of that and putting tones of different blend files together - i had probably about 50 different blend files where i arranged all my different scenes and had to combine all of them and it was tricky.


Render time took one month and i was using my own laptop lenovo Y50 and render farms Sheep It and Render Street One

Render was a bit scary since i dint know how to approach it so to render quality images but keeping low samples. So i found a way out. Bartek Skorupa tutorial helped about separating whole scene on different passes and treating only noisy areas of the scene. So i was actually using only 150-200 samples. Also developer Brecht Van Lomel hepled me to sort out some rendering bugs - i had issues with clumping

Ah, now I remember. At least there is improvement. Just work on your pacing and it will improve.

how much time its take to make such detail movie animated on blender

wow. really appreciating!
but what I noted…

the intro of video was too long. but you worked really hard, no doubt. and yes. story was good but not finished. I mean if u give it a end it would have more impact. All the best


It took 6 months to do but i was learning on the go and watching tutorials so it would be less time if i didnt.

brad cruise07

Thanks. Yes i regret a bit now that i didnt give it the end. When i was doing it i didnt think that if i do the end i will be able to send it to one of the festivals of animation. But i was planning it only as a portfolio so something to show to the employer in the future.