New 3D Dragon

Ive made a whole new dragon with the skills I learned off a few tutorials.

This ones probably my favourite

Those took me about 3 or 4 days to complete (about an hour or 2 each day). Today I just finished I’ve completed the whole project, although I never bothered with textures or skins or whatever, and I did the teeth and eyes kinda lazily. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the Wireframes

Tell me what you think of it.

im used to dragons a little different but this is a good start.
allso i would have moved the wings more front, witch would make more sense :wink:

Funny cutie dragonsy!

You just forgot to hit Set Smooth for the teeth.
You could add more definition to the mesh a some places, or is it a low-poly model?

Be well

Felix: Ya I would have liked to move the wings more front once I had the whole project done, but I wanted to move on to other stuff so I left it as it was. Not to mention the trouble I had just getting the wings to look as they are which I know look pretty poor.

reywillow: Thanks. I had the teeth at set smooth at first but they looked too soft, but that was before I even coloured them or anything, and I forgot about em by the end of it.:stuck_out_tongue: And for the definition er w/e, It 4000 vertices or something, i dunno if thats high or low. I wanted to add scales and more textures but I have no clue about textures really. lol

I’m getting nothing but “Page not found” on all of the links o.0

Same here. Page not found.

It’s no wonder they’re not available, they were posted a year ago. :wink:

I suppose admins cloud slap a lock on this. Or something.

yep the “cloud” :wink: