New 3d model search engine

(Alex Birdman) #1

Hi, everybody!

A month ago we’ve started 3d model search engine.
Its like a Google, but only for 3d models. - 3d model database.

Soon we’ll add filters by price/format and search by pictures and by topology/profile/shape.

What else is necessary for your opinion? Would be great to get any feedback from you.

(esimacio) #2

This is or looks very nice indeed. Its allready on my bookmarks. :slight_smile:

(rdo3) #3

i think rigged is gonna be important for animated objects.

(Athanyse) #4

I think a search by license (CC0, CC-By, etc… ) could also be usefull, specially for Blender users :wink:

(Marcus Christopher) #5

Great idea, indeed.

(comeinandburn) #6

I also agree with the filtering by license, but is there a reason that the search doesn’t include blendswap? Also, do you think it would be possible to integrate into Blender… I know I’m dreaming but maybe as an addon, that could directly import? that would be a killer app!

(keeek) #7

Works like a charm.
just searched for “textmarker”, “chopping block” and “papercup” and voilà - my models showed up :eyebrowlift:
(shameless self promotion)

I like the clean google style of the page with no frills, although the logo/colors might be a little too much inspired by google.

A license filter and sort by price function would be great indeed.

(JDaniels) #8

Well, I posted in the other thread, but still, nice and bookmarked. :slight_smile:



(Alex Birdman) #9

Thanks a lot, guys!
We’ll add different filters - some of them are very easy to do - just like price filter. So it will be ready very soon. But it’s not so easy with license - because not all the sites has info about license. So, we are thinking about the way to realize this option.
To @comeinandburn
We’ll add blendswap and much more sites to index soon. Now we are indexing about 20 additional web-sites to 17, that we have. And there’re about 20 more in our waiting list!.. =)

(Alex Birdman) #10

Now Filter by Price and «Only Free Models» button are available - check it:

(David99) #11

Wow, really nice and useful tool, tough the results when searching for models with a price bigger than $1000 shocked me a bit.

(3DSquirrel) #12

Nice system but disappointed to see that you haven’t included 3D Squirrel’s stock. We have over 37,000 free 3D models and an extensive rapidly expanding catalogue of high quality files for sale too.

(David99) #13

Maybe if someone could check the results it could become better, I tried doing a search with $1000 as the min. price and between the results there were some models with a price of $1000000, though in the site where they were being sold I could not find them (I guess those models where some kind of joke or something).
Anyways, I found it a bit annoying so if someone could check it would be nice.

PD: try searching for Majestic Lion 3D model.

(jremydeaton) #14

As a relatively new artist to the 3D realm I didn’t know these sites used by this search engine (only familiar with blendswap). Would be cool if you had an “about”, “help”, or “info” page that updates the listings used; as well as some info on some or all of them.

(3dmedieval) #15

Nice. I show up on Turbosquid. Well done sir.

(mzprox) #16

I just found this ad doesn’t seem to be on your list:

(Anitlunia) #17

I think this is a great tool! As a suggestion, the checkbox “only free models” could be updated instantly, and not to hit the search button again for updating the search results.

(mzprox) #18

Recomendation: I think links automaticly should be opened on a new tab.

and one more thing: many models from 3dsky are coming up with ‘free models’ only, but not actually free.

(klauser) #19

These are the two small issues I thought about as well. Also, being able to sort by price would be nice. I’m sure you’ve thought of that already though.

(Alex Birdman) #20

Thanks a lot - we’ll try to fix that!