New 3d scanner for tiny objects

I just want to share this as I it feels really cool for me.
I think I’ve said it before, that I used Artec Spider scanner, which I had some troubles with mesh. Now I know how to deal with it.
There was other issues, it was not designed to work with objects smaller than 2 inches. But some time ago Artec released Micro 3d scanner. Which seems to made especially for small things. I don’t think I will be able to try it soon… I discussed with my boss, as now we don’t have any projects with “small stuff” buying a new device is not in out budget.
But I’ve chance to carefully inspect Artec’s examples. Mesh is still very messy, but resolution is nice. Very nice.
Seems I just wrote this post to share my excitement. Sorry.

Yeah it looks very hard to get a sharp clean object at this scale, however cleaning up and polishing the surfaces seems like a good idea. My trick here is to enable “Dyntopo” on the mesh, set the brush intensity to 0.00001 and smooth the heck out of these vertices. :slight_smile: