New 3rd person shooting(free to play) - Update 1.

*Created by Lidor Atias
link to the update:

Hello everyone this is first update of my 3rd person game.
The first update included:
1.Lego man(as the main character).
2.Walking and Standing animation.
3.Character mass(when the legoman try to get into the wall he doesn’t fly away).
4.Revolver shooting animation
In this update there’s no map and the legoman move on a basic plane, so i’m sorry about it but in one of the
next updates i will create a map.
When I will finish the project it will be a free to play game(i need a lot of likes and I will send the game to steam green light) so please like and commented.
subscribe to more updates, link to my channel:

nobody reply?

It’s a nice idea! How long do you estimate it will take you to finish this games? I’m curious because i’ve started something similar myself, but I have problems with discipline.