New 4x4 pickup for UnWheel

Here is my work so far on a new pickup 4x4 for the about to be announced UnWheel 2.


Cool. How many polys? Wire?

insane! great work, btw, whats unWheel2?

We are an award winning UT2004 vehicle driving mod. We won several first place finishes and some lower in the $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal Contest a couple years back.
The model has about 22,000 tris.

Wow. Looks cool on the inside :slight_smile:

Which version do you like?


the bottoms better by far!!
i downloaded this game but when i click to play it it looks for the file. it unwheel an extention for another game or what?

We are a mod for UT2004. Sorry if I didn’t make that point well enough.

thats OK
ill have to download that as well lol