New Abstract Array test: HD-quality video

As you can probably guess, I couldn’t restrain myself from playing with the new Array feature in the up-coming blender release. :smiley: So i ended up making a 4000 frames (@ 60fps) 720p high definition video. Hope you like it.

The video is also available on my website.

the video is available in many formats:
640x360@30fps medium resolution version encoded in H264 avi
640x360@60fps medium resolution version encoded in H264 avi
1280x720@30fps HD resolution version encoded in H264 avi <–this requires a pretty high end PC to playback smoothly.

well I am waiting for it and will tell you what I thought later. I am looking at some other things on your website and I must say if it is anthing like your other animations it has to be awsome.


Totally freakin’ awesome, man! Add some music and some meshkey warping and you’ll have your own little Fantasia going on…! (Loved the background and the supernova-fade-to-white at the end!)

Edit: Would like to see the vertex proximity + subsurf turned on to see a “tentacles” version! :slight_smile:

Mike… awesome stuff here… but what impressed me the most was your game engine high res output animations on your site…

Sucks about the game engine code changing, too bad a Python guru couldn’t right you a quick converter to take your physics stuff and recompile it to work on the new engine… Second thought… It would probably be easier to just re-write what you have in the new code… I bet your looking forward to playing around with the new engine…

All your video animations are just awesome… your stuff should be on one of Blender’s Demo Reels… like for Siggraph…(if it isn’t already…) The game engine mountain scene is by far the best Blender Game engine graphics I’ve seen out…

I’m downloading some of your realtime stuff now… also… I got your OPENGL logo to play on my Microwave… :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work…


Loved all the stuff on your site, (and the site as well).
2 questions, what are you computer specs, and what did u use to do the abstract style pics on your stills page?, if u don’t mind me asking…


Watched it yesterday…looks very yummy. Gotta love the new array modifier, the shapes that you make out of a simple cube are just fantastic. Now, if you add some good music it will be even better.
Great lighting, too!

While it is downloading, I just taking a look on your site… MAN!!! Its so pro!! frekin’ good… you a master… really…:smiley:

okay that was sooo nice!!! lol! :D:D:D:D

Shamem, my computer spec is as follows:

2.2Ghz AMD Athlon XP 3200+
1.5GB DDR400 RAM
Geforce6200 128MB AGP
Gentoo Linux and XP

I use this computer for everything i do: works, games and blenders; quite happy with it but i might upgrade soon to an A64. :slight_smile:

Thanks, once again, the stuff on your site is great.