New add-on to speed up development of 3d models and game assets

I am making a Blender add-on that uses artificial intelligence to generate art. The art is then fitted on a example 3d model.
How it works:

I am looking for people that are interested in testing it. Also any ideas, remarks (positive or negative) are extremely welcome.


i would be interested in this
if it could generate a 3d model
of faces made with artbreeder.
i would be interested in this generating a 3d models of
a whole body character made with artbreeder.
would it be possible to generate a bvh for the character with ai?
artbreeder is a websight.

Hi, at this stage the 3d model is not generated by the ai. the faces are generated by the ai. Generating the 3d model and the bvh are possible. They are on my to do list. The bvh will be the easast to achieve.

is this compatible with upbge
0.2.4?i would like to try it.

I don’t see why it wouldnt be. I will post here asap shortly a link to download the plugin

okay I will be waiting


i would like to try your plugin.


Hi @AI4U
In case you need more testers, let me know. I tested more than 100 addons past year. (see

Robert (ake Peetie, New Media Supply).