New addon to quickly create flights of stairs

Hi all. Just wanted to get some feedback on my first Blender addon project. It’s not too sophisticated - just adds two new ‘add mesh’ objects for quickly blocking in flights of stairs. I’ve published it on my Github page, and made a youtube video showing it too. Let me know what you think!


thanks for sharing this addon

option for real stairs !

for straight stairs would it be possible to have an option to make real stairs
function of Floor height and steps height then calculate # of steps required ?

mind you for circular stair real one might be a bit more complicated
I got some doc for this if you need it

you could also add some basic wood procedural mat cycles if possible
but not necessary

happy bl

Thanks a lot Mark_McKay. This can be very useful.

Thank’s a lot Mark this a very useful addon.

Edit: I notice i was not able to raise numeric fields to get longer stairs and amount of stairs is also lock at 200 so for a temple like here it is impossible to use