New Addons Included by Default

Hi, since yesterday - r41952, addons from new developers are included with blender (graphicall builds for eg) under a new “Testing” category.

The aim is for new devs to have their work better tested and help get them feedback, some of these scripts are not finished though most of the ones I tested worked very well.

While these will be in testing builds they wont be included in the release unless reviewed and approved.

If you find any of these useful and work well its a good sign that we should review to be included in the release.

As of writing here are the newly available scripts…

  • 3D View: 3d View: Manipulator Menu
  • 3D View: Add Objects Panel
  • 3D View: Align Tools
  • 3D View: Carnegie Mellon University Mocap Library Browser
  • 3D View: Cursor Control
  • 3D View: Enhanced 3D Cursor
  • 3D View: Game Property Visualiser
  • 3D View: Index Visualiser
  • 3D View: Surround Projection Tools
  • Add Curve: Curve Tools
  • Add Mesh: Beam Builder
  • Add Mesh: Columns
  • Add Mesh: Mesh Pyramid
  • Add Mesh: Rock Generator
  • Add Mesh: StairBuilder
  • Add Mesh: WallFactory
  • Game Engine: BRIK - Blender Ragdoll Implementation Kit
  • Import-Export: Atomic Blender
  • Import-Export: Export Autocad DXF Format (.dxf)
  • Import-Export: import BrushSet
  • Import-Export: Import Voodoo camera
  • Import-Export: Import: Autodesk FBX
  • Import-Export: LipSync Importer & Blinker
  • Import-Export: LRO Lola & MGS Mola img Importer
  • Import-Export: PCD
  • Import-Export: Quake Model 3 (.md3)
  • Material: Gyes (Random Materials and Textures Generator)
  • Mesh: Add Wetted Mesh
  • Mesh: Edge tools : tinyCAD VTX
  • Mesh: Grease Pencil Retopology
  • Mesh: Inset Extrude
  • Mesh: Normal Smooth
  • Mesh: Seam from uv isles
  • Mesh: Select Vertex Groups
  • Mesh: Vertex slide
  • Object: Batch Rename Datablocks
  • Object: Drop to ground
  • Object: Geographical Sun
  • Render: Clay Render
  • Render: Copy Settings
  • Render: Render to Print
  • System: Keyboard Layout (svg)
  • System: Theme manager
  • Text Editor: PasteAll

Very nice, thank you !

The link in your signature to does not work at the moment.

Kind regards

Interestingly, one of the most used addon during mesh editing for me is Chromoly’s Vertex Slide, different from the one listed here. Not sure why Chromoly’s was replaced, because it’s far more superior than the new one.

But a cool list nonetheless.

copy bone weights is not here, strange most useful script

This addon concept is one of the very best Blender 2.5+ features! Much better integrated scripting with a clean interface and hierarchical categories.

I for one am in love with the sapling and landscape generator, but there’s so many goodies…

played with a bunch of them they’re awesome!

yay theme manager :slight_smile:

It only includes the ones in the addons svn repo.

Thank you, Ideasman, and everyone involved.

Yeah, thank you, great stuff in these scripts.

I have a list of some more addons that should be included…

mesh_bevel (nice bevel addon, can bevel verts as well)

mextrude_addon (multiple extrude)

orphan_cleanup(very sweet and needed)

Thanks for making builds to include those new addons, it’s great for users that had no idea those ones existed.
And that’s great for the addons developers too as they can get more feedback this way.

another nice one that i just realy started using is called , “lethe”

i think its a mispelling of lathe(because that is what it does…
(im sure its not one of the five rivers of hades. :wink:

the extra addon’s that im talking about can be found in the “bat3a” builds on graphicall

you can add those scripts to your addons in your builds.

on another cool one is called “bump”

I think that need some feedback, not a “wish list” :slight_smile:

Thanks Campbo for the heads up will orphan_cleanup be included? I did not see it…anyway great list.

Thanks for the feedback,
From the requests, of specific scripts - this is how I see it working…

If you want a tool included contact the author and requests they submit it for review to bf-python mailing list, then core developers can review for inclusion.


If the author is not active - find someone who is happy to maintain the script and submit it to bf-python.

The reason for this is active devs are pretty much busy maintaining what is there, so its really enough work just to review new addons let alone having to maintain them, fix bugs etc.

Great list of new addon’s :slight_smile:

I notice with the new contrib system & new icons, things are much clearer.
Could you enable the icons for the addons_extern folder too please atm they look like release scripts.
thanks, there are several of us using the addons_extern folder for 100’s of scripts.
here, is the file structure we use & most of the external scripts people are asking for:

Wow! These addons are included in blender stable release 2.6.1?