New admin/responsible for MakeHuman project!

Because I’m very busy, I must renounce to admin the MakeHuman project.
But don’t worry, MH is not in danger: in the last months I’ve contacted
a new, willing (and with free time) coder, Z0Newton. So, on the contrary,
the project should get new life and new surge.


  1. From this moment I’m not the MakeHuman responsible, and I’m not the
    main coder-maintainer. I lose the MakeHuman copyright, that is transfered
    to Z0Newton.

  2. Dedalo-3d is not the official MakeHuman development site.
    Of course, until Z0Newton organize a new site, it remain the first articles
    and tutorial source.
    However, the official development site, with forum
    and downloads, is

For user or contributors none is changed; the MH project continue…I hope
more quickly…



Your contribution has been one of exceptional scale and quality. thanks for all you’ve done. the makehuman plugin is one of the best.

Sorry to hear about this part of your news… :frowning:

I just want to thank you for the great code you have done with MH… From concept to reality I watched you take it to where it is today… You have done an outstanding job…

I look forward to the progress and continuation of MH, but I’m sure as others feel the same, Make Human won’t be the same with you.

Congratulations on what you have accomplished… It’s a great asset to Blender and the Community… :smiley:


Thanks Manuel, for all your work to bring us one of the coolest Blender plugins ever! I look forward to seeing Z0Newton’s contributions to the project.

Good luck to you both!

Manuel :

your post has left me all confused, I am sad that you are leaving the project, but happy and excited about the new prospects, so thank you Manuel for bringing MH into the world and good luck Z0Newton for the future and welcome to Blender and Elysian.