new Administrator

(Timothy) #1

Hey everyone,

I would just like to welcome Stefano Selleri (S68) to the administrators team. Basicly he will be helping me out with user management aswell now rather than just the forum-wide post management he did as a SuperModerator.

A bit more (though not much) can be read about this at the support forum:
And in perticular:

Thank you stefano!

Timothy Kanters

(sten) #2

congrat Stefano !!! :smiley:

(Timonides) #3

Congratulations S68!!!

Good for you!!!


(Dittohead) #4

sweet deal S68!!!

(paradox) #5

congrats Stefano, you are the right man for the job.


(@ce) #6

as gramps would say: w00t flat flat!

(kino) #7

Great !!!

complimenti Stefano



(haunt_house) #8

First marriage, noww this. What in heavens name have you done to deserve this? :frowning:



(kos) #9

why congrats? he’s gonna spend lesser time for his wife :frowning: .S68 be careful :stuck_out_tongue: .