New! Advanced Gold Shader v1.1

Advanced Gold Shader v1.1

Check out the New Advanced Gold Shader for Cycles:

‘Advanced Gold Shader’ creates all types of gold and similar metals in an instant, no more fuss, simple slide the sliders to get the gold you desire.


Jim Morren

Trivial things like this cost almost 10 bucks now?

My thoughts as well. The work and labor isn’t trivial, but for a single metallic shader a couple of bucks would have reasonable. The SSS skin shader by Matt was a little steep as well but that involved months of trial and error as well working with two or three other persons. And to recoup the months if developmental time as well as spur de elopement I paid. And his stuff is nearly evolutionary. (Not revolutionary)
I do think the gold end product is well done. But a little pricey

Don’t worry, nobody is going to pay the rent with Blendermarket. Even assuming that the sale numbers are correct and not inflated to entice potential contributors, one of the best selling items (the Gaffer) has sold 28 copies for 14.95$. 420$ minus the site cut minus the taxes… now you understand why Turbosquid items cost hundreds of dollars: when your sales will be counted on the numbers of fingers your hands and feet have, either you price an item hundreds of dollars or you are better off applying to the nearest fast food.

It looks like undefined yellowish metal alloy with some patina & iridescent. Gold’s quality is that there’s minimal decay and mainly no patina/oxidation, no iridescence… So you mixed it with what??? All gold consumer products are alloys. Are yours fake (quasi/similar) or physically based (correct)?

There are great resources for gold (property tables of gold alloys in consumer production, scientific IOR values for different gold alloys, free materials for render engines (lux, yafaray, indigo, thea, vray, cycles…), tutorials on how to make’em…), and you go make some shiny quasi gold material to sell on market?!?

Also I prefer Swapping: (gold)

Is my critique & observation worth 10$ or more? Wanna help you make ‘correct’ products. So do you refund if customer is not satisfied?

So that is what the Latest News forum has become. A place for advertising.

If this is the case, Wes, I suggest you move this part of the forum to the very bottom of the page. Or create a market place forum for these kinds of posts.

Seems like a good idea +1

+1 to this plz. I’m sick of seeing publicity instead of news.

The trouble is almost all our news are about this or that being released. It’d be hard to draw the line.

The line has to be drawn when it’s an advertisement instead of a news. And this is a clear advertisement to sell the shader.

I disagree that it isn’t latest news. New products being developed for sale demonstrate emerging or existing capability of Blender. And actually very well. Sort of a dog and pony demo.

I wouldn’t get hung up on sales pitches though. Some products appear very good. Other stuff like this seems more like “check out my lemonade stand”. But I have to say, I do like the energy. So my two cents is just Take a gander and move on to another topic.

And while I don’t see people getting too irate about responses, I think it’s very important not to stifle viewer reaction towards products. Frankness and honest critiques keep developers honest. Sort of like evening at the Apollo theater. Reviews are usually vital to making an informed purchase. Its the only check and balance to this online market forum.

For instance, although I “liked” the gold shader and the ease of having such a shiny shader in my artist toolbag, I had a gut sense the gold shader was overpriced. But I’m not savvy enough about Blender node shaders to make that determination. Piotr Adamowicz’s comments however, validated my gut sense. Thanks.

In one sense $10 is a lot for something that could otherwise be had for free.

On the other hand, if you are being paid $20-$100 per hour, $10 is not much to save you some time.

On the other hand, better to spend 3 hours making the right shader for the client :wink:

On the bold part, this is a must if people want to advertise their newest Blender Market product.

On the gold itself, your best bet when it comes to selling a shader is if there’s not much of a chance someone else can just sit down for an hour or so and make something quite similar or better. The skin shader for instance took over a year to get to its newest iteration and took a lot of research to make sure it was right (so if you want to ‘sell’ a gold shader, your best chance would be you first making sure it’s as physically accurate as possible, and second that it holds up in many different lighting situations).

Only reason to pay for a shader is if it’s OSL…
Maybe we would all like a General forums topic ‘New for sale’ or ‘New releases’ to separate these posts out from news?

Oh crap this guy got wrekt lol… Money is the devils work :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, strange thread!

The shader looks nice, some good results.

If you think it’s too expensive or a trivial shader then don’t buy it! but don’t trash the guy for trying to make some cash!

Why is this in the news section?

Nobody’s trashing him, I was just surprised. He can charge what he wants.

Now that I think about it, it’s not that expensive if your alternative is to study for a few hours or deliver subpar results. This is probably some 10-20 minutes work for me (without the fancy sliders or support for three different types of dirtmap that I don’t need), so I wouldn’t buy it, but someone might.

Agree with Michael, this public bashing is shameful whether it is overpriced or not. If something’s not worthy, ignore it, hidden rules of “being mature” I’d say…if not seems like jealous children at the garden.

Okay, this seems like a good shader to me and it looks pretty dead simple to use. Here is my suggestion to the creator:

It would be a good idea to expand the material to imitate other types of metals, maybe even add custom textures for a rust or dirt effect (would need to be procedural). Making it more versatile may stop people from bitching about the 10 dollar price.

Also I would like to note that the 10 dollars goes towards future development, so it may be good to put future goals on the product page.

Would also like to point out that this:

Does not nearly look as nice to me as the material on the blender market. So yah.