New Amd "FireRender"
Who test on 3dsmax 2016?

It looks great, but it seems only available for 3ds max, right?

only for the max version 2016.
and hope for the blender, too, will make the plugin

This information isn’t worth very much to a blender user,

Cycles already supports Opencl… for the most part.

Is it opensource or not ?


AMD technologies are known to be open source.

Not sure about open source, I know firerays the opencl intersection api is, but fire render source is not publicly available on git.

I wrote some voxel path tracing code a bit before Christmas that Dmitry Koslov one of AMD’s top boys liked. Dude then sent me a Firepro W9100 16GB GDDR5 card for free :slight_smile:

Also sent me the code to fire render (not full source, just Lib and .h files needed), have been meaning to try to port to Blender for a while but just had no time so far, had loads of work come in.

started working on adding fire rays api to UE4 for light baking but still not finished.

If interested in porting fire render to Blender your need to contact AMD by mail directly, if your selected their give you the code.

Cheers J

It’s a pretty nice looking renderer. Hope they open source it or at least make a plugin for Blender. Would love to test it out.

Very cool, AMD is just seem hosted for his project in opensource and free.
here and here but i don’t find source code for AMD FireRender nor plugin in 3DSMAX cause i am interesting how they code in C++.

Hope they will put it. Maybe need to be to wait.

Here you can have plugin, but for the source code, will maybe need to wait a bit.

Yeah no source code here. I don’t have 3ds max so plugin is useless for me.

As it is based on the FireRay library, maybe under this name ?

And as you are in code, something could still interest you there:

Yes i hear FireRay but don’t know much it, i see on github and frankly it is more “library” than source code, i will like for code is “how to do it”… I am interesting because it makes pathtracing with OpenCL so i want to learn it.

Seems to be some confusion on here about what fire rays is, It’s and intersection API in opencl from AMD that runs on the gpu (and not only AMD). Great library that gives superb results considering.

The following video shows a custom build ive been working on for a while, im in the process of adding it to UE4 for gpu based lightmass builds. This should show the power that can be achieved.

AMD are doing a great job lately, Drivers are much better, open source supporters in a big way and have even help with code for Blender cycles. Big thanks to all the AMD team and especially the FirePro team, Most of all Dmitry Kozlov for sending me a Firepro W9100 16GB GDDR5 card (£3000 worth) for free.

I was struggling for work up until that happened now, now i cant find enough time to even work on projects i wanted too do. Thanks

Maybe with this openCL can finally get more attention after so many years of lackluster results.

@3DLuvr Well that is good to you. But I am not gonna spend cent on AMD cards with this level of quality of linux drivers. Nvidia is still few magnitudes above them…

Maybe not use Linux then :slight_smile: lol joking of course.

Are the AMD drivers for Linux really that bad even for professional cards where the drivers also for windows is better?

Also what about Windows? It is used so much for gaming I cannot imagine the drivers being that bad with that focus.

For example, link

I am using Win too, but most of time Ubuntu. So I need card that works good on both.

If you have a firepro the drivers are much more thoroughly tested than retail cards, hence why firepro’s end up with features that appeared on retail version quite a long time after. Workstation cards are expensive for a reason, not just the kit but the rock solid driver support that needs to be under production environments. Fire pro drivers are massivly tested for this reason.

Well, im using a beta driver beleive it or not and still runs like a beast, not had a single crash yet.

And to me the open source nature of AMD collaborating with users makes it worth investing in. They don’t try to tie end users or devs into expensive licensing deals, and make features of their code not work correctly on other cards than nvidia.

Just another quick test video of higher bounces and materials tests. Next ill be building the GUI to do material editing direct in the scene.