New and a question.


I am new to this forum. And I am new with blender to. So I am a noob with the program so dont laugh if I ask stupid questions.

This is my question.

Where can I find the boolean difference button/option. Someone said I had to select 2 objects and then press W I did it but i’ll get only this.

Cant find the boolean…


you have two cubes selected in edit mode

which is only one object

you need two objects [you will not be able to see the verts] selected, in object mode

You’re in edit mode, the booleens options only appear in object mode.

Looks like Z3roed posted this before but strangly it wasn’t there when I entered this topic.

I dont understand. When I place 2 cubes on the surface and i both select them into object mode and I press W I’ll get the boolean menu but when I select the option blender says error 2 objects must be selected. What can I do About this? Like I said I am a n00b please tell me exactly what to do?

Your two cubes have to be seperate objects. My guess is you added the second cube while still in edit mode of the first. Add one cube, hit tab, add another. Then select one and select the second with Shift right click.

allright that must have been my fault