new and improved (I hope) blender ball and chain!!!!!!

(microman) #1

here is a new and improved ball and chain.

comments are welcome.


(kaktuswasse) #2

well, the ball looks a little bit…hrm,dont know how to say that…It looks like it would be a pretty dark circle with some light reflections :-?
The reflection of the blender-logo is cool.As well as the floor.

cya henrik

(CurtisS) #3

Looks a little on the dark side. Can you add more light? Looks great otherwise.

(microman) #4

i’ll try to brighten it up a little. i’ll post it here soon

(ookami77) #5

I think the ball and logo would look a bit better with an environment map showing the reflection of each object. It might be a bit difficult to get it to look correct, but it would definately make the image look realistic. Other than that I think it looks great! Good work!