New and saying hi

Well hello I am new to blender and boy howdy do I suck but I hope to improve and learn much. Thought it might be a good idea to come by here and register maybe I will learn some stuff. So just saying hi and I will put some of my stuff up later so I can get some C&C. :slight_smile:

welcome :wink: + welcome…

Hi Welcome on Board.

welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Beware of stray serious cats. Also, welcome to the Asylum!

The best way to learn about Blender is to start a MASSIVE project you may never finish, and ask about every step of the way. It will annoy some of us, but most of us will be glad to help.

Also, what sometimes helps is to have the same MASSIVE project as someone else, so that you both learn from each other, even though you are doing the project separately. This was the case with my Stargate, which, although unfinished, I am VERY proud of. My most recent project is my Dalek, which is almost finished, though I’m working on that on a different forum, because they have more experience with Daleks, so can help me with that more.

By the way, be prepared to see lots of people trying to switch to Linux. I might be one of them, because I used to be a huge Windows fan (I thought Internet Explorer was WAY better than Firefox), until I switched, and now I hate it.

Oh, and many of us write long posts. Just be prepared to read them.

hi Kris. welcome. You should praise all Dr. Who fans, like those with Tardis models as their avatars. Oh, wait, I’m a Dr. Who fan too.

ello…your in the same boat i was awhile ago (a month) but i had like 5years of maya ple behind me… hope to see some of you post…(sound get muffled as a serous stray cat attacks me)

wot - your got attacked by a stray cat. eloborate there bro:spin::confused::no::yes::wink:

Oddly enough, there have been fewer serious cats here. Although, most were brought in by Valarking, who I think is banned from the Off-Topic section.

Hence, beware of serious cats, though for now you are safe in Off-Topic.

Welcome to the forum, and pay no attention to the person behind the curtain.

y helo th4r

welcome to the elysiun of blender users… :wink: hope you’ll enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

Hello and


That’s strangely mesmerizing. I can’t stop watching it. 8-|

LOTRJ, that had better be made in Blender! Nice NPR, by the way. And the Anti-aliasing is pretty good.



still cannot stop watching it

Welcome to the wonderful world of Blender - and the forums that provide a wealth of information!

Well, you’re welcome, but only if you bring along your own Tardis. Mine’s just got stolen and turned into a vibrating rubber ducky. Now think about how one would have to enter that Tardis now… it boggles the mind as to how something relatively simple as a Tardis could be entered in ways that no Gallifreyan form of life has ever done before!

Anyhow, welcome!

I just wanted to do one of these too.

Hello Kris, welcome.