New Animated Girl in EEVEE

I wasn’t totally happy with my previous animation so I gave it another shot. I think this one is better, but welcome comments as usual!


The girl’s face is fantastic :ok_hand: Her facial expression is again super good. Very realistic! :+1:
But, sorry :frowning:, the movements of her shirt (in slow motion?) are rather strange and illogical, I think.

Wow, just saw this and am now binge-watching your YouTube channel.
Don’t know how I managed to miss your others until now, but wow, very impressive stuff :+1:

Yeh can’t get the clothe physics to stabilize…

use the speed option in the cloth sim settings perhaps…

Hmm… I will try to play with that parameter… not really sure what it does !

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How do you do your lighting? It’s amazing.