New Animation about some cans in a kitchen

My first animation was created with blender, and uses the blender render. Hope you enjoy the story, and please comment.

Pretty “not bad” for a first! I’d play around with the materials perhaps, and maybe some compositing, to make it seem less like a late 90’s game. Though obviously if you were going for a short rendering time - still looks alright!

Maybe next time, try to subdivide the cylinders and add some more bones to them, so they actually bend instead of just moving around, it could add more character to them. Another thing would be a normal map to make the “ridges” which are common on cans.

I did not think about adding bones to the characters, Great Idea, and also I will check out, “normal map.” Anyway great ideas and thankyou for the comment!

I get “This video has been removed by user”

Getting up a new link

Me, too.

@WhatUpPeople: don’t do that. Kumagoro gave you a very good bit of advice about your original video, and if you take it down, no one will know what he’s talking about. Worse, if you replace it with an upgraded version, he looks like a fool for criticizing something that ain’t there. Why would you want to do that to someone who is helping you out?

Also, you are not the only person who might benefit from the advice in this thread. Sure, it’s your video, but you have no clue whether a lurker working on something similar sees how your original turned out, and reads the criticism, and learns from it. Depriving those folks of the opportunity to learn from your mistakes is pretty damn selfish, if you ask me.

Put it back up.

My youtube link messed up so I got a new link through vimeo. This Version is HD!
Thankyou for the feedback.

Sorry for the trouble, my youtube video messed up. I have the same version now embed with vimeo.

Nice scene, nice animation. I was thinking the tomato can was going learn some kind of lesson. Good job overall. Thanks for sharing.