New Animation Node

So, I am really struggling with making a new Animation Node. :eyebrowlift:

The Node must:

  1. Have a Checkbox.

  2. Have a Float user Input.

  3. Have an Integer user Input.

  4. Select a File from the disc.

  5. Execute code already written and working in Blender, this should be assigned to a button that only appears once the file has been selected. The code must NOT execute when the frame number changes, etc. - just once only when user clicks the “Execute” button.

However, I fail a first base - making the checkbox using the code from the AN manual, I get a Syntax error when I open Blender - I am confused. Any pointers please.

Cheers, Clock. :spin:

I was using wrong editor, now using Atom, things are working!!

Cheers, Clock.