New animation system demo

This I call

KeyObject based animations,

you can grab the objects and move them, and this will change the animation.


BPRNewAnimationSystem.blend (501 KB)


moving the mouse will change the location of the fist “4d frame”


BPRNewAnimationSystemDynamicTarget.blend (504 KB)

It does not work for me.Maybe it is because i am using 2.70 blender.

This system seems needlessly complicated. Maybe for a game like QWOP or Octodad where the point is to mess around with limbs individually would this be a neat idea, but other than “let’s make him walk up stairs properly” this doesn’t look like it would have any other practical applications in game design.

Reload animation no matter the facing?

Punch someone, in the face,

where there face is…

grab doorknob, at doorknob…

pick up item off table

There were some animation regressions after 2.70 that are now fixed in 2.72.

Get a new build to try the file in.

Steal Gun

use key

Throw grenade at target (realistically)

grab wrist of incoming punch

Catch KNIFE OUT OF AIR :smiley:

I had made a system like this for head tracking. I never thought doing this for walking, Thanks for the post!