New Animation: Tempus Fugit

This is an animation I finished tonight called “Tempus Fugit.”

Here’s a sample frame from an early test render:

and here is the animation link (3.2MB, XviD encoded video / MP3 encoded audio)

The character’s name is Sophia, and she reflects on her life in this piece. This was my main Blender project for the past week :slight_smile:

This was done in Blender 2.37a without any post processing. The animation was conducted all “in one take” from start to finish (not as separate scenes edited together), which was important in terms of the transitions I had in mind. I applied some knowledge gained from my recent “Stars” animation here.

It was such fun bringing a new character to life like this, especially in this style. It quickly became quite an involved little project, and hopefully she seems somewhat alive and dynamic. I may feature her again in another animation some day.

Music and audio was by me too. I used Audacity to record and pitch shift/process the audio tracks and then Virtual Dub to combine audio and video.

Thanks so much for looking,


A dozens of year passes away in only 39sec. long.
So we may ought to endure the fidgety feeling in this animation.
In my humble opinion, you should spend more long time to the introductory part and last part.
Good character, beautiful render, great concept! :smiley:

The mood and the pace are very good. The concept and story are also very well thought out and presented in a very thoughtful and well planned manner.

I agree with Caplicon about the fidgetiness of it though.

Great work overall Robertt. Glad to see your stuff coming to life lately too. It’s one area that I am very lacking in with Blender and one that I should take more time to learn and work with.


Animation was nice, models are cool, only thing I didn’t like about it was that it was too short imo, and the voice needs a lot of work, perhaps get a female friend of yours to lay the audio track down for you next time. Had a hard time hearing it in some points. The music really set the mood though, overall good piece though! 8)

wat program do you use for the music?

I gotta say I quite LIKED the voice, except for that, indeed, at some parts it was very hard to hear what was being said.

An AMAZING animation I gotta say! Truly mind-ripping!

i would say your best animation yet!

the facial expressions were very well done. very natural, and the eye movment looked great as well. one of the biggest problems i have when viewing cg animations is facial expressions, and un-natural eye movement. but this is were your skill comes through! you now have a very powerful tool and abilty, congratulations!

and one request. you did a image a while back of a cartoonish guy standing on a peir or somthing doing some sort of karate, haha, i would love to see a short animation with that dude. he made me laugh without dialog, with dialog he will rock!

Caplicon: Thanks! Life goes by so fast. I wanted to keep this short (<1min) and moving. She’s definitely figety because she’s having these thoughts before she really fades back into the stars.

BgDM: Thank you very much, BgDM. I would love to see some of your characters come alive too! :slight_smile:

Khnum: Thanks! The audio sounds much better uncompressed, but I needed to keep the download small. I really enjoyed working on this and am grateful to hear back from people.

AniCator: No program, that’s me playing keyboard :smiley:

MrMuscly: Thanks so much! It was kind of weird recording the voice, speaking at a higher pitch, then slowing it down :slight_smile: but I thought it seemed to work. It’s fascinating to work on all levels of these projects – writing the stories, doing the music, the vocals, modeling, then directing and animating. It’s a lot of work, but it’s proof just one person can do many things with Blender if they’re determined enough.

Wu: Thanks Wu :smiley: I think I know which one you mean:

Yeah, that might be cool to do :smiley: I just might do it :wink:


thats the one.

a scene could be him trying to meditate on the rocks, talking about peace and how calm he is, and how peacful he is.

and then on of those seaguls poops on him, and he jumps up and chokes the crap out of one of those things, haha.

i love his face. animate, animate, animate!!!