This is not an update of my “old” animation, this is a totally new one. Erm…I mean, new to you guys. I actually made it before the old one.
It’s called “THE VIRUS” and I have just posted it to my site. It is at the same link as my old one. It is also a GIF.

here is the link
The small text sentence at the bottom is the link to the download.

comments please! Or if you prefer, use the comments section on my site. Thats new too. :smiley:
(Heads up, it weighs in at about 1.5 megs.)

haha, dude that rix done all of it in mspaint? and put the animation together in? jasc animation shop?

:o :o :o :o :o

Amazing! How long did it take you to make it?

You know, that “yes” key must be a real time-saver… Too bad my keyboard doesn’t come with one…

Thanks for comments. I refer back to my old post, where I said that I did the whole thing with a mouse, Photoshop for some effects, and GIF Construction set Proffessional. And yes, GrimReaper, GCSP uses MSPAINT as its drawing…um…thing.
R2Blend, it took me about two months, as opposed to my other one on my site which took about the entire schoolyear. ( kind of worked on it off and on.) :smiley:

as for the “yes” key…he must have like, hit “enter” or “return” or something

thanks dude, or maby “y” key :P.