New Animator looking for help navigating this complicated UI.

As the title says, I’m relatively new at animating, and need to use a file set up by someone else which has proven tricky. Youtube and the typical sources of help haven’t solved this, so I’m looking for someone who is willing to spend a bit of time to help a graduate student out with blender over Skype/Hangouts while I screenshare. Any amount of time you’d be willing to volunteer is awesome. Thanks a lot.

Might be able to do that. My main thing is 3D modeling, but I’ve dabbled enough with the other aspects of Blender to have a fairly good idea of what most other things do as well. In terms of scheduling for this? Central time zone here, and at the moment evenings should be free.

I’m not sure if you’ll find someone that are willing to do that for free, but could you explain a bit more what you need? Do you need an introduction to animating, or one to Blender?

If you only have problem with finding tutorials, I’d recommend you to check out CGCookie. It costs a bit, but their tutorials are really high quality!