New Apple Related Webring

Hey all,

I’ve just launched a webring called “Wheel of Fruit!” focused on Apple Computer & technology in general and I’d like to invite anyone who’s interested to sign up. You can sign up at

The support forum and ring homepage is at

Thank you,

Nicholas Marino
CEO, Homebound Surgery Inc.
[email protected]

BTW… Now that I’m done with the form letter, if you sign up and wish to customize the code, you must keep the following links:

CEO, Homebound Surgery Inc.
([email protected] )

LOL!!! Those two stacked on top of one another sound Fruity.


Heh… My domain expired recently (and was grabbed) so I’m forced to use my MSN e-mail until I can get a new domain.


Wheel of Fruit?
More like “Wheel of Fruits!”
You asked for it!
Apples SUCK.

Hey, it’s YOUR loss…