New appleseed 2.0.0-beta released

(chrleon) #21

Hey @wondrs, that car is very nice. I’m super interested in how you did those headlights. Is that a shader or physical modelling? The cell-effect is very nice.

(Jakub Vondra) #22

Hey! It’s just glass shader with bump map, and there is a lightbulb with emissive material behind :slight_smile:
The bump looks like this:

(chrleon) #23

Thanks! Been wondering about how to make these in flashlight and headlight textures. Thanks!

(jdent02) #24

Hey all here. There’s a new C++ based mesh exporter I’m working on for appleseed. It’s still in testing but I’m seeing an up to 10x improvement in export speeds. Expect a point release in the next week or so with this new exporter. It’ll likely be listed as an experimental feature at first.

I can’t thank BYOB enough for the tips he posted earlier in this thread.

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #25

No problem.
By the way, could you point me to the C++ part of your new export code? I can’t find it.
I’d like to find out why my LuxCore addon does not use custom normals, and since you said you got it to work in the devtalk thread, it would be great to see your code.

(Leonard Siebeneicher) #26

Thank you for your efforts.

I follow Appleseed for a while. Playing with SPPM / simple glass still-lifes. Its much fun.

(Romanji) #27

Awesome. Nice to hear that this problem might be fixed in the near future.

(jdent02) #28

The exporter itself is at:

Hasn’t been merged into appleseed master yet

The trick is running the following on the mesh object before sending it to the exporter:


I’m not sure if this works with custom normal data, but it does reflect auto smooth settings and manually selected smooth/flat faces in edit mode.

(numen22) #29

Short comment. In our forum we have some information about the usage of Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping which may be of interest to you:

or the BlenderDiplom tutorial from Gottfried Hofmann: Rendering Caustics in Blender with appleseed

(jdent02) #30

If anybody wants to take a spin on the wild side:

NOTE: This will only work with 2.79b official as it is compiled with Python 3.5

Happy testing. The new exporter is accesible in the ‘system’ tab on the render panel. There is also a control to disable triangulation in the exporter if you already have a triangle based mesh. This saves even more time.

(Leonard Siebeneicher) #31

Hi @jdent02
trying with an old scene, I think I was in error. A cave-scene took around 1 minute to export. Relying much on Subdivision Surfaces.
Sadly, I do not have windows here. But I’m looking forward for the exporter.

Hi. Atm, I limit myself to sun lamp or other directed lights. It helps me to avoid issues with wasted photons.

Happy blending.

(Romanji) #32

Awesome work. Exporter works and is much faster. 10 times faster sounds about right.
I am gonna test the same scene later which i did a couple of days ago.

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #33

From my tests it doesn’t.

(jdent02) #34

Hi Leonard,
Unfortunately, building appleseed as a statically linked program on Linux is a difficult task and is beyond my limited knowledge (I use Windows myself). Esteban (est) is the guy that usually takes care of those builds. For Windows it’s pretty easy for me to spit out a preview release but I’m not sure if there will be any Linux ones.

Hang tight. The point release will probably be out soon.

Romanji, good to hear! I was really surprised by the difference it made.

(jdent02) #35


I’ve never used custom normals.

You should at least be able to represent auto smooth and smooth/flat faces now though. Or did you already?

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #36

I already had a workaround for those (adding an edgesplit modifier and removing it after export), but your solution is much better.

(Romanji) #37

So i tested the same scene which made me write the initial complaint.
Without C++ exporter. 2:20 minutes
With C++ exporter 0.20 seconds :laughing::+1:

(jdent02) #38

BTW if anyone is trying the download I posted there is a known bug with the material preview window so that tab should be closed for the time being. I’ll fix it today sometime.

(Romanji) #39

What is the effect of the bug? The render doesn’t start? i think encountered that problem…good to know.

(jdent02) #40

Changing any material parameter will crash Blender when the preview window is open. I know what the issue is I just can’t fix it at this moment