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I found out about this new modeling aplication on CG Talk (view thread). I thought this might be of interest.

arrrgggg that is cool. It has lofting. Can blender get this ?

Blender is going to get lofting when the nurbana code is introduced into Blender, which will hopefully be soon.

Some time in the future, Blender might also get a similar freehand sketch modelling function courtesy Verse and Loq Airou.

Since Curvy 3D is commercial and not even downloadable at the moment, I’m waiting for Blender to catch up … it takes so little time to do that nowadays. :wink:

Damn, did you see the creation time on those models? Most took 2-3 hours.


that app looks amazing!

I have played with Loq airou. It is a bit like that. But it will through your mind for a loop in the begining. As his method was not truely drawing . It was more like pulling lines and those lines made boxes. It was neat so we shall see if it is better now.


you should have seen the creator himself played with Loq Airou during the Blender Conference 2003…looked really cool…though it is not my interface…or maybe it is little to hard to learn, no idea though :expressionless:

That certainly looks handy,…I tried to get ‘teddy’ to work, but had no luck, sounds like this thing has alot more control though. Being fairly experienced in the traditional mediums, the idea of making a mesh by drawing, is very appealing to me.

the only thing that really looks nice about that program is the realtime displacement maps and autoUV. those are the things that would be important to have in blender. the rest of it kinda looks gimicky. i’d have to see some actual of the actual meshes…


howly cow that is amazing.

i know a japanise sketch app in wich you scatch over a 2d image which is in perpective and the app generates by itslef the 3d mesh for for doing manga stuff but i forgott the name started with a h superhex or lik ethat…


charming price :]

(You may also buy your way onto the Elite Beta for $450.00)


Blender has (or used to have) limited lofting capability. I’ve completly forgot how to do it though.

Just create individual NURBS surface section and loft them with the Fkey.