New Arch. Viz

hey hey

some recent arch. viz projects ive been working on.
Blender + Vray/Indigo, much thanks to Andrei for his awesome script and Nick for the amazing Indigo!

quick 4 day competition project for a firm, total time with all the back and forth changes was about 20 hours. the project description and drawings would go on the extended sky in the first image, hence the huge sky. Blender + Vray, composited in Photoshop:
and a school addition i worked on for the tail end of summer, rendered with Indigo, composited in Photoshop:

comments/crits + ways to improve more than welcome!

thanks for watching…

Nothing much to crit, other than the indigo render could use better light balance, some of the shadows are too dark. This would probably be solved by rendering the indigo scene in VRay.
In the last render the glass section to the picture left of the main bulk of the building looks cluttered, and its tricky to make out whats what, not sure how you’d fix this.
Oh and 1 more thing: sweeeeeeeet. 5 stars.

cool work man!
really like your first two image.
just a little crit: the car looks little ‘off’ in the second image.

beautifully done! 5*s big time!

Great stuff Stompin.
Glad to see some of your Vray stuff at last.
I like the Indigo image too - They always have this little plus…

There is people out there are looking for artist like you!
Do you know that?
as for the arch. viz projects you did I give you 4 stars
what? need the other star? I keep it with me! :eyebrowlift:
Thanks for posting

great stuff, i like it, both of them