New at least to me the new fire smoke simulater.

I don’t know how knew it is. Yet I know there have been changes made to the smoke and Fire Simulator. It has the ability to add stuff just for fire or smoke or both. I have been trying to work with it. I can get it to run but not look like fire and smoke. Can someone either help fix the Blend File I have attached or better yet direct me to a tutorial that uses the new settings?NewSmokeFireSimiluationTest.blend (831 KB)

Here are some hi-quality blend files from the developer himself:

-Thanks and hopes that helps

So far so Good. I have done some tweaking and have been getting a much better Look. Thanks mslarsen for that. It works fine. Now that I know the different changes. I saw how he colored his fire. Still for a campfire not sure if I want it like that or not. Still messing around with the colors. Still Thanks msLarsen for that it solved my problem.

Hi there, I presume its the settings I’m using but every time I try and use the smoke simulator the domain remains totally black. I hope someone can help!!

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