New AutoRigging & Skinning system for Bipeds- BlenRig 4


New version of the BlenRig addon fixed by Bart Crouch (v123)

_Fixes the warnings that came up after triggering the baking scripts
_Implements new slider called “ALL” that lets you move all the fk/ik and stretch sliders at once.

note: This slider is not animatable yet, but it is a quick way to move everything at once. You have to manually refresh the viewport by moving to the next frame in the timeline.

Download Mirrors:

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It’s been almost an year since I started with this new BlenRig project but it is finally here!!

Well, BlenRig 4 has a lot of improvements thanks to all the new features Blender 2.5 has.

My main goals are:

_ Having a fast an easy way to rig characters
_ Delivering correct and complex deformations out of the box
_ Having a rig that can provide flexible controls
_ Having a user friendly system, that’s why there is a nice GUI made by Bart Crouch :eyebrowlift:

I’ve rigged 3 different characters as an example, and I’ve recorded 5 video tutorials (5 minutes each) that cover all you need to know to use the rig.

Well, see it for yourselves.

These are the 3 characters:

You can find them here:

The Video tutorials can be found here:

Well, I certainly have some plans for the future, like making a quadruped rig, getting integration with rigify, etc etc…Community support would be cool! :smiley:

Hope you like it!

Current Version 4.01

Very cool :slight_smile:


:eek: You are amazing.


Yeah, looks great. Look forward to learning more about it from the VTs.

Your times are a bit off - they are more like 8 minutes each than 5 minutes :).

Very interesting videos

JUan, I have downloaded and played some with the new rig. I cannot believe its responsiveness and quality if the deformations (especially having in mind that meshes are pretty heavy)

Great job, I can’t wait too see the tutorials and play some more with this amazing rig!

Thank you!

EDIT: Here is my try to render it with cycles. About two minutes of rendering with ordinary material!


Really nice rig. Thank you!

I’ve had the joy to play with this rig while writing the user interface script and what amazes me is the ease of use for the user. I have nearly no rigging/animation experience at all, but was able to pose the provided model without any difficulties. The biggest advantage is shown though in the second tutorial: you can transfer the rig to your own model.

jpbouza: congratulations on a job well done!

Looks fantastic. Can’t wait to try this out, thank you.

Hi jp, I can’t wait to try this (currently at work). Thanks for your dedication and for sharing this. It really looks fantastic

Man I love Blender :slight_smile:

I still use max too, mainly because I got a nice part time job teaching it, but everytime I’m in Max now I just think “Man, I wish I was using Blender right now…”

Begging the obvious question of course, to which the answer is “yes I did ask, and yes they said no”…

I just commented to your post on the cg society but I’ll repeat myself here, big congratulations on this, it’s a major help to someone like myself who has never really come to terms with rigging. Having watched the videos it looks like you have made the process very straight forward and the results look outstanding! Just thinking about a personal project I’m doing, this will save me a lot of frustration. I am wondering though how well it will play with clothed characters, have you done any tests with for example shorts and t-shirt on a character?

Thank you guys! Just tell me if there is something that is not clear enough in the videos!
@ristesekuloskiristesekuloski: Wow! That cycles render looks nice, looks like a little toy! Cycles is relly looking great.

Seanser, I’ve done a little bit of cloth testing, but just a little bit. I’ve come with a pretty straightforward technique though. What I do is just making a copy of the Mesh Deform mesh, then I erase all the unneeded parts (like the legs in the case of a t-shirt) and then I just scale it a bit to wrap the cloth.
Then I add a Mdef modifier to the cloth, and after that you can put the cloth sim. That’s it, you wouldn’t need any rigging at all.

I’ll try that out JP, thanks again.

Not sure if anyone else having this issue -

  1. Loads up the NickZ blend file.
    2 Without anything selected OR the Blenrig item selected, go to ADD menu, the CAMERA, Text and few other things are greyed out



Hey aidanodr!!

Well, actually the BlenRig aramture is selected, notice that you are in pose mode!

Just select the model mesh and you’ll be out of pose mode.

I’ve just finished watching the videos and now I am even more impressed! I’ll be way too busy with my daytime job for some time, but I can’t wait to try this out with one of my characters!

I have to say that I feel that this is probably the best auto-rigging solution that I have encountered (including some commercial solutions) and should be one of the major ‘selling’ points of Blender.

Great rig, thanks for the amazing effort that went into this!

Ahhhhhh :smiley:

Feel stupid, should have spotted :smiley:


Riste! Then Blender sells itself on its own!! :smiley:

Hehe, really, I only used Blender toolset, I didn’t invent anything, hehe. I think It’s just a good combination tools and ideas!!

I notice you are not using CC Zero.

Does this mean I can not use your system in a commercial project?