New Avatar - Bunny Skull & X-Bones

Hi all. Just thought I would share my new avatar that I made today. Reference was from a logo I found on line.


cool curve usage. i would change the levels on the eye though because in the small version it’s hard to tell that one of them is more 3D than the other.


The shadow could be a bit less sharp, otherwsie very nice.

Pretty nice and cartoonish, I assumed you made the shapes out of curves or arranging some verticies and filling it in.

Hey pretty sweet did you use the logo for the Guristas in EVE? I love that logo!


Modron: Yeah, the glass eye sortof gets lost in the resizing for sure. But oh well.

Dittohead: Which shadow are you asking about? The one behind the logo was added as a Drop Shadow filter in Pshotoshop. I tried to match the shadows that were present on the render. Maybe I messed it up a bit.

Kansas_15: Yep, curves were used.

Samoht: Nope. Never heard of that one at all.

Marty_D: LOL. Well, maybe he will make a return some day. As for the FUGLY head pic, I can assure you, that one WILL be back one day for sure. :o :stuck_out_tongue: As for why a bunny? I just liked the look of the logo and you never see a scary bunny. :wink:


Like it!

2 Thots:
perhaps an eye patch? (“Arrrrgh, ye skallywags!”)
the shadows (definition) of the teeth get lost in resizing as well - and they’re important to the “bunny” ID.

That’s a cool avatar. Rabbits rock! 8)

I hope your scary zombie avatar will never come back. :wink: