new avatar

How do you like my new avitar?

Based on the Picard song & video (thanks Katsuro)

Images ripped (and video opened) with Media player classic*. Postpro Photoshop and Imageready.

Made to fit in w/ the new vbulletin visual style.

*try opening google video files (.gvi, really just divx encoded .avis) with windows media player, let alone ripping frames out of a video

edit- I just found that I can’t have an animated avatar…darn. I just went with a blank ‘vbulletin square’…I think it looks kind of stylish.

Instead of just the empty square you should do something with one of the Borg pictures… the Borg are awesome.

i noticed that you cant have animated avatars too. its wierd because there are a few people that do.

perhaps from the old forum?

[in my browser of choice I have gif animation disabled, because of forum avatars among other things]

It’s rather boring.

Eh, i figured I’d join the “in” croud and get an avatar. (FYI, its the laughng man)

i like anoncompboys acatar with the blue fade

and can you have bigger avatars now? cause i see people with 80X80 instead of 64X64 like mine

80x80 is the max. resolution, since the switch to vBulletin. I’ll stick with my 65x65 for now…

i’m gonna keep mine too

i don’t like the new avatar

you can pick one from my site

i like your CDO avatar :smiley: