NEW backyard demo

(Monkeyboi) #1

We have made a new graphic demo called Backyard. It is a demo of the 3D gaming skills we have at Shadeless. It is a simple demo with lots of detail and work put into the textures (wich are all hand painted by ourselves).

Check it out!
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-Monkeyboi / William Reynish

(wiensta) #2


are those real decals?? (light on ground and lit up windows)

(Monkeyboi) #3

Glad you like it!

Not quite sure what you mean. The lighting cast by the lamp is a sepperate object hovering just above the ground that follows the lamps motion, and the window is two sepperate window textures that are being exchanged.


(OTO) #4

Hello Monkeyboy

nice demo and textures (and lamp)
Only the sky and the moon are a bit “weird”
Good work

(S_W) #5

Wow! Very realistic lightning! And nice textures btw! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Piraniac) #6


great atmosphere, the lighting works well (love the lamp!)

sky is a bit strange, but only because the rest is so good :wink:


(saluk) #7

Very nice work, must have taken quite a bit of work. Reminds me of Deus Ex for some reason. Think I’ll go play that game now:)

(ineedanewbi) #8

brilliant… really shows that blender can produce proffesional results

did u use radiosity options to help you shade the textures? did u shade ur scene with vertex paint? or did u use radiosity at all? cuz it kind of looks like u did.

whats with that puddle of water in the corner?

… is it a reflection map? how does it work?.. cuz i only know how to make a reflection map that doesnt move…