New Base Male Head

I’m using this as a template to create all the male characters in my video game with.

Any suggestions welcomed.

I just fixed the chin.

Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of modelling, you just don’t notice something until you sit back to evaluate.

Definitely keep poking around the interwebs for reference material, which is not easy these days. I have a bunch saved if you’d really like to me to send some your way, but I don’t want to share them publicly. Make sure you include “orthographic” in your searches because a big mistake many make is to place references with perspective into the orthographic views to work from.

Probably the very best thing anyone can do is to grab a great model out of a AAA game and use that. Then you get not only good reference for shape but also (likely) geometric consistency and topography. There used to be a few websites you could grab those from but they’ve been slowly but surely obliterated recently.

This might be useful:-

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It’s great to get some real help when you are new to Blender.

Someone sent me this, and I found it valuable as well.

That plus a picture of my head gave birth to this side profile, and I see it better now.

More progress towards creating the right character. A Mixture of getting all the right materials in all the right way.

I think I’m finally making some headway on this character.

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