New beta feature: topic thumbnail selector

We just activated a new beta feature that allows you to select which image in your post to use as a thumbnail. To use:

Edit your topic’s meta data:

Click the ‘Select thumbnail’ button…

… and pick the one you like:

Please report any issues with this feature below.


Perfect… I was waiting for this feature!
Thank you!

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Yes! Yes! Yes! No more custom thumbnail cropping and first post editing!:heart::heart::heart:

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It doesn’t auto-crop yet though :slight_smile:

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Uuuuuuuuuu, I DO like the subtle inclusion of the word “yet” there! :yum::yum::wink:

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Hey! @bartv: aparently thumbnail selector does not work for me.

Os X El Capitan & Last Firefox Version.

Trying to change the thumb of my post, but it does nothing.

Interesting, I can confirm that on Firefox/Mojave. Reported here:

It does not work either with Safari and Chrome in Os X.

I just checked in Safari and Chrome and it works as expected. Can you try in a private browser window to rule out any plugins?

Tried incognito & private windows in Firefox and Chrome. Disabled all extensions for this window mode. None of them worked for me.

Tried Safari with no extensions installed. As I dont use Safari so much I have it clean of addons. But same results: thumbs does not change.

I’ll reply in a PM to follow up