new BGE dev?


what do i need to be a BGE dev?

we are learning C to program our micro-controllers [Mechatronics Engineering]
i want to add a new actuator block to BGE 2.49b , what do you think I will need?

anywhere to start my journey?


Mechatronics Engineering

talk about déja vu heheh

good luck with that.

Have you downloaded the source ?

If you did, than you can dig around and ask some questions to the ones in touch.

Moguri might be able to help you well if you can catch him

I’d recommend joining the #blendercoders IRC channel on freenode. If I’m in there, go ahead and give me a poke and I’ll help get you started.

I need at least c and c++ knowlegde.
I think there is a page at the blender wiki explaining how to add a new logic brick. Look at the developers pages.

You will need to know how to check out the current source code from SVN.

You will need to understand how to read and write C++
You should make yourself familiar with both the BGE and blenderplayer source code. Just learn where things are and look through some of the files that interest you.
The BGE source is in the “/source/gameengine/” folder of the blender source.
The blenderplayer source is in the “/source/blenderplayer/” folder.

To test your changes, you will need to know how to build Blender.

You will need to know how to make and apply patches so that you can share your developments with the community.

That should be a very good start :slight_smile:

Actually, almost all of the Blenderplayer code is in source/gameengine/GamePlayer.

Oh. Silly me. I should have looked through those folders before posting that. I haven’t done much digging through the source since that joystick testing experiment and that help you gave me with building. Apparently I’m already forgetting stuff. :frowning:

You will need to understand how to read and write C++
i remember some people saying that BGE is written with C and not C++

thanks for the info guys!
i’m still making researches.

what i’m aiming for is to make an actuator to talk to Arduino MicroController.

  • other things.

Most of Blender is written in C, but some parts (like the BGE) are written in C++.

Now as far as an actuator for Arduinos, I think you’d be better off just using Python. I’m pretty sure you could set something up with Python without having to play with the BGE source code. :wink:

It is a mix. The game engine code is C++.
You can have a look at the sources without downloading the whole package: