New BGE Features

Hello there!

Recently, martinsh and I have been working on adding some new features to the BGE. We are calling it the Candy branch.

Implemented Features:

  • Subsurface Scattering
  • Area Lamps
  • Logic Connector Highlighting
  • Mipmapping option per-texture

In progress:

  • Composite nodes in realtime
  • Parallax mapping
  • Volumetric Lights

Some other things that we have planned:

  • Volumetric Shadowing for Volumetric lights
  • Environment cube-mapping
  • Scrolling texture coordinates in material node editor
  • World normals in material node editor
  • Extra uniform inputs for 2D Filters
  • Sky and Atmosphere
  • Fog volumes

If you have any other ideas, please share them with us.

Area lamps:


Logic Brick Connector Highlighting:

At the moment, the SSS isn’t highly accurate (Object thickness doesn’t affect it). After harmony is released, I will work on getting thickness to affect it. (To calculate thickness, I need to get depth buffer from a lamp, which means all lamps have to have shadow buffer)

The area lamps, on the other hand, are highly accurate.



Please note, the build may not be perfectly stable right now.

Please donate to help development:


Good old basic particles!
With Interface to choose the type and amount and other settings!

Very nice screenshots by the way!


Guys you are all amazing!! I can’t believe BGE will have another great update! Man, I cant stop thanking you!
Congrats mokazon, martinsh, moguri and kupoman, you’re amazing!
And my suggestion:
I would say refraction/reflections, but you already mentioned it. Then, I think something important is artist-driven Tone-mapping. That would be reaally cool, even more working together with the new HDR from moguri/kupoman. And what about volumetric lights? xD

And I tested your build, but I receive a " missing iconv.dll" error message.

Wonderful Addition – having SSS without massive Node Setups is a great Advantage, and even with Presets! :smiley:
Even if it is not yet accurate (not that I knew, but if you say so…) it is still already a good Thing, it looks as if it was working pretty flawlessly. :]

Congratulations Mokazon,its people like u that the blender community needs here!!
Gud job for all the involved ppl!!!
Keep bge growing please ^^

thanks guys!

OTO - good idea, I’ll look into it.

andre - volumetric lights would be good…

I updated the build, and it should have iconv.dll now

the only thing i want different in the BGE is the ability to support more rigged characters at one time

Great to see the BGE’s gotten work, and impressive work. Could you possibly upload a screenshot without the SSS on? It’s hard to see.

For a request, I’d say either:

  1. The ability to set which batch objects are drawn in, or
  2. The ability to merge and separate meshes.

Those would really open up possiblities. Anyway, great work!

Wow, I personally didn’t see this coming, but I’m really liking what I see here.

The very fact that we have Mokazon (who is developing a game) is working with Martinsh (the graphics guru) on BGE development projects can only be a great thing, next thing would be to sign up for the developer mailing list to negotiate a solid timetable for the inclusion of this and the remaining BGE features not yet in trunk after 2.63 (due to 2.63 itself focusing on Bmesh).

Wow… Awesome mokazon and martinsh!
I think this is one of the best combination of developer/artists that we can have! I am playing with your build already!
My personal favorite of your todo list is the composoting notes in realtime! I have wanted this for some time now! I would love to see this feature!

Thank you so much for your contribution!

Just tested the sss feature! Works good already, and can give nice results! But I think the awareness of how thick certain areas are would be a very usefull! But as you said, this is a target for future developement!

I suggest you add support for FBOs for use in shaders. FBOs and downsampling.

FBO support is included in Harmony (i beleive)

Hi guys,
I am very excited to finally hardcode the stuff I have done in past years into Blender, so the shaders are much more accessible to everyone without having to use custom shader scripts. Mokazon inspired me to take a deeper look into source of Blender.

So, I recently noticed that Blenders area lights does not seem to work in GLSL viewport, so I more or less copy/pasted an implementation arkano22 did a while ago.
It went through a heavy modification though.


in Blender UI

directional neon tubes

cheap GI with area lights:

sharp specularity


only diffuse color

only specular color

for area lights build:

for regular 2.6 (implemented as a custom shader, viewable only in game engine):

spacebar rotates the cornell box
area light and SSS build for OSX coming soon.

I have already started implementation of volumetric lights (enabled by “halo” button), but unfortunately they are not visible when nothing is in background. Thats just the way thay work - they need a mesh behind them to be visible.


Test Scene Area Lamp & subsurface scattering :evilgrin:


Demo_s.blend (727 KB)

thanks everyone!

solarlune - updated first post with comparison on the head. It’s rather subtle though.

crumpet - parallax mapping is planned :wink:

anicator - yea I think harmony has that

wow that’s really awesome!! Bring it on guys and thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I wonder what the community (and of course the developers :slight_smile: ) think about having more integration with touch screens inputs and android (also, I don’t know how is the actual situation). Looking at how tablet and smartphone world is evolving I think would be nice to have this kind of possibilities.

How about glow / bloom / glare fx?

(don’t even know if this is related to this development, so pardon me if I am too far off topic) :smiley:

Crumpet - that would be included in the composite nodes (and much more).

“Composite nodes in realtime” I’m exited about this. Being able to use to compositor for realtime 2D filter effects would be amazing.

The only thing I can think of, as far as suggestions go, is a built in method for Depth of Feld. Maybe this is part of the “Composite nodes in realtime” thing? If not, implementing something for this would be nice.

Thanks, I envy your brains.

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Can you post some screenshots, please, pleasee -
And again, thank you guys
Ah, and do we have volumetric shadows as well?