New BGE Features

Man… you are making me very excited about the composite nodes! Can you give some more infos? What can be expected to be implemented, and when do you think we can test first builds?

this is awesome.

One think I would like is the ability to export builds for all operating systems. This way, people that dont have access to OSX would be able to export the game for OSX anyway, and upload it for other OSX users to test. Same foe windows and linux.

could you also take a look at bullet physics in the viewport?

andre - soon enough :wink: martinsh is doing the volumetric lights, and I’m doing parallax.

ndee - I havent started on the composite nodes quite yet. First i’m going to get some other features in. Composite nodes is a big project :wink: Most composite nodes will work… probably not stuff thats meant for rendering though (green screens, etc)

theShadow - that’s a nice idea, I’ll look into it.

from what I’ve Heard, it wouldn’t be too difficult to do, its just a matter if including windows/linux/windows specific files in all builds.

I’m loving the in-game SSS

This thread makes this (local) rainy day very bright and sunny :slight_smile:

Composite nodes would be WOW,so many things possible with them!
Martinsh you are a MASTER! Area lamps are so nice.
And as far as i know the FBO would be done in Harmony branch!

I honestly think I’d die if composite nodes could be used in realtime… I don’t think my heart could take it O_O

logic brick links should be highlighted when “mouseovered”, like they were in 2.49, because you can easily get confused if you have many logic brick links overlapping, and can’t see where a link goes to. would be nice if this is possible.

It really seems like bge is getting important and many upgrades are awaiting to be implemented.
And : I hope you plan to make a Linux build!!

Martinsh?? Messing with the Blender source code???
What is this sorcery!? You’re not Martinsh!
Martinsh only makes awesome shaders! Him editing the source code is like … uncovering the true face of… The Matrix!!

From what i’ve seen, it is Mokazon who has modified the blender source, whilst Martinsh is the direction for shaders - shaders are GLSL after all, not inherently C++

Haha, I was just messing around. It’s great to see Martinsh is getting into it though.

Oh, i got that AniCator!
Gosh, you’d think that humour is non existant here if you couldn’t make a joke such as yours!
I was actually addressing the posts further up, which while good intentioned, ought to accredit Mokazon just a tad :slight_smile:

actually, martinsh did everything for area lights and I did everything for the SSS… although martinsh did help me with the SSS shader a bit when I ran into problems :wink:

I am progressing with volumetric lighting around point lights. Enabled by “Halo” button.
It will be supported for point and spot-lights. After I get the lighting work for spot-lights, I will try to make volumetric shadowing also.

screenshot of halos around point lights:

You can. A panel appears somewhere in the UI when you run the save as runtime addon.

Nerdgasm :spin:

Beautiful, martinsh. This is like that volumetric fog lighting that you did awhile back. Nice job, really. This is looking absolutely awesome.

Wow, I go off the forums for a few weeks, and this is what I come back to? Freaking awesome!