New BGE Features

Thanks guys for awesome support :slight_smile:
SolarLune, yep - the same thing.

subsurf (which become higt poly in BGE and return subsurf in edit mode)
mirror (idem,must return mirror in edit mode)
2D shaders , for ton (always there but custom) and more other

something good effect graphic personally interest much,but only if is fast

Man, thats reaaaly beautiful :smiley: And oh, volumetric shadows, I cant waaaiiiiitt :D:D

Real-time mirrors would be cool, I know it’s possible with a script but wouldn’t it be nice to just check the mirror tick box? :slight_smile:

O_O explodes

this looks really great martinsh!
This halo checkbox gives it nice foggy look! This compared with shadows o_O

implementing a reflection/refraction is not as easy to do as it might seem. At the moment the only way its done in BGE is with videotexture module. I’m not even sure how possible it is to do from inside of blender. To find what to reflect, you need another camera to render it. This is fairly simple to do with python with a custom shader, but implementing it into blender isnt just a matter of paste and your done :wink: It is harder to implement it than it is to make the shader itself.

btw - I’m starting to work on the composite nodes…

Oh, ok. Thanks for clearing that up, and also thanks for all the crazy work!

Great, wish you good luck! I am eager to see something :smiley:

so is this something you are going to try and get into the GSoC with?

I’ll be wainting for the realtime compositing :smiley: thanks guys

Vo…lu…me…tric Liiiiiiiightsss O______O

Ohhhh! OMG, I’m drooling so…much… I cn type properly…
I can already fantasize the by products… Atmospheres, God rays, light sabers, explosions, you name it!

It would be cool if we could have half halos (half like semi-sphere), or if specific angles could be set and animated.

Some positive energy for you: grab it by moving your mouse here: ----> <-----


First of all I have to say - WOW - these are really awesome new features. :eek:

One thing I would really like to see in the game engine is grouping (and naming) of logic bricks like it is possible in the compositing nodes. This would lead to a much better overview in larger projects.

I guess best thing would be porting the whole logic bricks into the (compositing) node system, but I think this is a very deep intervention into the system with breaking backward compatibility though there were many benefits.

Thanks guys!

theShadow - no, this isnt for GSoC

Wendigo - that is something that would be included in nodifying game logic which hopefully somebody will continue sometime (not me atm)

Here, I posted the build on graphicall.

(Yes, it’s called the Candy Branch ^^ )

Hey guys, any chance to see something like this???:

I know a guy who is implementing the augmented reality + webcam support into Blender but I think he may need some help to accomplish the project, are you interest?

Just added highlighting for logic brick connectors!

you hover over a button and it shows all connected links

(screengrab doesnt show mouse cursor though)

Wow, that’s a complex logic setup. Great work on the highlighting, will make debugging complex logic way easier.

Just so you know, my version of blender (2.62 from running under Ubuntu 10.04 has a few zoom levels for the logic where you can’t see the between-brick links.
No idea why.

A simple suggestion:
Buttons to re-order properties please!

Very nice mokazon, the highlighting is already a huuuge improvement. :yes:

Very handy!

Perhaps you can also incorporate a memory system?
Highlighting the last 1 or two lastly selected? (to a lesser degree, not white, but grey?)
This will help to find the links of a particular brick, and use this as a guide for an other brick?

Perhaps this could even be implemented better then proposed here,… just trying to provide some feedback.

Keep it going it is appreciated :slight_smile: