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I’m looking for a blender font utility that seems to exist… it can be used to convert fonts to bitmap font that can be used in blender…

I searched the forums for it and it seems that Ben has it but he’s not replying…

so I was wondering if anyone else has it and if this is worth the trouble: i.e: what can I actually do with it…

Thanks a lot,


(z3r0 d) #2

I found it once… not too long ago…

well, the version I dl-ed was a windoze one, and was linked to in the miorred comments of a font making tutorial

I think it was called ftblender or something

what I really wanted to say was that it is possible to modify fonts so that they have and alpha channel… think black text instead of white…

I used psp, made the luminance of where the text (below the what I assume as important information at the top) as the alpha channel, painted the text black (If I had painted it white I could use the object or vertex color to set the color in gameBlender), and saved as a targa…

Stilll looking

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ftblender.tgz linked to from

It took me some time to figure out how to get it to work. Mostly I just played with the size, and I think F1 puts on the screen some useful information as well

good luck

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-I send it to you some days ago when received your private message.
I used the e-mail address you had written in that message .

[email protected] <[email protected]>

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Thanks everyone for the replies,

Sorry Ben

I didn’t know, I must have accidentally deleted the message in my mailbox…

I found it now on the websites mentioned above, but I get three files…

and a license

how do I get this to work?



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-I send the e-mail again.I’ve explained how to use it.