New blender 2.6 and old scripts for 2.49

Hallo blenderheads,
bet this has been asked and answered many times, but anyways…more and more I run into problems with new blender 2.5 or 2.6. Whenever I try to use a script that worked for me in previous versions of blender compiled with different python (like 2.49 and Python 2.6), it does not work at all. I would really love to controll scipts the new way…i really like it, the only problem is that they just would not do anything but produce some awkward errors. Why are the old scripts (dxf, dae import) not supported by new blender? Is there a way to work it around?Thanx!

You will need to rewrite the script using the different python version and updated api.
Use addons that have been written for the blender version you are using.
In the wiki it says that a dxf import addon comes with blender 2.6


also sort of a problem right now

Wiki manual and API wiki have not been updated yet for new Bmesh API

so difficult to have good references and Bmesh is still in alpha stage until 2.63 comes out

but you can find doc on the console

it also means that a lot of old scripts done before Bmesh are broken and have to be re written
and that’s gone take some time!


hehe… almost made me laugh, making me imagin myself rewriting any scripts!!! but yeaah—for example the scipt for dxf import produces problems where the old script would go just fine…ok I can go with the old one until there is anything better for Bmesh kernel…thanx anyway!

Not sure what whether you are referring to something different, but there acutally is fairly up-to-date documentation of the current API for BMesh on
(See the BMesh Module, BMesh Types, and BMesh Utilities links under Standalone Modules).

got the manual part but there is also the API part
whcih has not been totaly updated

like yesterday i search the new add Primitive and it’s not updated yet in API
only available on console

also don’t forget the Bmesh is still in alpha stage and can change anytime

happy blendering