New blender 2.63 Release Candidate 1

As usual nobody knows about test and RC builds, here is the link for the new Blender RC1 build:

Cheers, mib.

I’ve noticed something strange about 2.63 RC1 for win 7 64:

I create a file with default cube and save under 2.60.
I open the file with 2.63RC1 and save
Now if i re-open with 2.60 faces are gone: vertice and edges are here, but faces are gone.

And I’ve had problems with Small Lux exporter telling me “Mesh has no “faces” attribute” or something.
There must be something odd with BMesh ???

When you save a blend in 2.63 that you want to open with a previous version, you must do File -> Save As and enable “Legacy Mesh Format” on the panel to the left

Oh. I didn’t know that. Is that forcing BMesh to revert to old system ?

after 10 minutes i couldnt find a bug.

simple question. when we select faces that are together can we inset every face seperate?

one of the best parts about the knife tool is that you can rotate around the object

since bmesh is such a drastic change from the editmesh,
the tip above should at the top of the FAQ list(if some even exists)
Or someone make a sticky, To open Blender 2.63 .blends in previous Blender versions
“save as” and enable “Legacy Mesh Format” , i’m sure is going to come up alot going forward.

better yet. inside blender put a tip somewhere about it.

what about the import addons? can obj ngons be loaded??

Sadly not in the revision45720 i have been testing yesterday (can’t say for the RC1 yet and don’t know which revision it is), it does not seem able to export ngons (they’re triangulated) and can’t import an ngon object (at least one from wings3d) without again triangulating the ngons.

Issues so far:

  • “Randomize Vertex” functions seems to have no effect
  • create cube, subdivide a face, select adjacent face and try to subdivide => no new faces visible, but normal indicators show that something was done

What was done was that while no new faces, the vertices of them have been added on the edges of that adjacent face.
Definitively a bug you should report.

I’m using 2.63 since a week for testing it out with an entire project. The only trouble I encountered is undoing (ctrl+z) in sculpt mode makes disappear my model in the viewport until a press ctrl+z again and again.

Done as [#31013]

Great, the devs are on an impressive bug fixing spree, so do not hesitate to report what you think are bugs, better do it before the actual “stable” release come.

They made a tremendous job already since the revision that merged Bmesh, it became very stable already as unlike originally i can work for a hour or two without any crash now.

Creating faces by extruding vertexes, selecting them, then pressing F, still makes flat shaded faces instead of taking the shading of the neighbouring faces.

will the new bevel(sketchup) tool work with this version?

@ Sanctuary post #10:

What was done was that while no new faces, the vertices of them have been added on the edges of that adjacent face.
Definitively a bug you should report.

Isn’t that normal expected behaviour ?

•create cube, subdivide a face
That turns adjacent faces to ngons (5 vertice: the 4 original one + 1 in the middle of the relevant edge)

•select adjacent face and try to subdivide
Selects the ngon and subdivides it, turning it to a 10-gon, thus not adding faces.

What should the normal behaviour be ?

Bug tracker has been broken for me all day. Can’t submit any of my findings.

When you subdivide the 1st face, the subdivision creates faces (and there’s then a vertice created at the center of the original face, where all the newly created faces join.

When you subdivide other faces adjacent to this one, the subdivision does not create anymore faces but creates the vertices on the edges, and in the center of those faces there’s no vertice created.

How can this be the expected way it works ?
If creating ngons faces is the point, why then does it create quads on the 1st face you subdivide ?

Sanctuary. yes i think this is a bug.

i created a cube. i subdivided the top face. i got 4 new faces. then i subdived the big face on the side. it doesnt create 4 new faces. i guess the problem is because those faces are connected. if you subdivide the bottom face its normal.

I looked how wings3D manage those adjacent subdivision (had to select all the cube edge and change their hardness to Hard before pressing S to subdivide the selected face)

Subdivided face, like in Blender (wings 3D does not automatically create ngons on the adjacent faces, they were all divided by an edge that i had to dissolve manually to reproduce the starting situation)

Then from there i select an adjacent face and subdivide it, and obtain this (again, had to dissolve edge manually on the other face created by this subdivision) :

Now the question would be then what is better for the modeller, the way wings3D subdivide the adjacent faces or the way currently Blender do (not creating any new faces inside but just making more vertices on the edges) ?