New Blender addOSC plugin for 2.80

I haven’t tested the plugin on windows yet, though in theory it should work on all platforms. I created a release for download, let me know how you fare:

Thanks for the link. I managed to get the addon installed, but it does not appear in the Tools section and upon closing and reopening Blender I get this error message:


I did manage though to install this fork of AddOSC successfully and get it working:

I’m using the latest Blender build (64-bit).

Can I control blender camera from Android phone via osc apps by gyro, accelerometer (MEMS)

In theory: Yes. TouchOSC might be your friend here (supports only accelerometer, though).

Just want to say: thank you for porting this.
working great, here is test result:

PS . I used alterdings version. (maybites version won’t install on my windows machine)

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Glad it works for you. I just made a test on Windows 10 and my current master works just fine. I will investigate further to understand your issues…

… later:

I wasn’t able to reproduce your issues. I am able to install the zip from here:

without any issues and it works.

I need more detailed step by step descriptions and the script errors to see where it goes amiss…

Here my latest experiment with AddOSC:

Using Motive/Optitrack to control a blender camera with AddOSC and streaming the render texture with the spout-plugin to a Spout receiver.

The ultimate goal of this approach is to use blender as a realtime virtual background render engine for filmsets.

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Thank you I installed your version, works great.
I like how you make it appear on right side toolbar (like other 2.8 addons).
I remember the Original version by JPfeP had problems to remove keysets.
I’ll try this and report back.

PS . I tried to remove Keysets (Alt +K) but it is still in Addosc keysets list.
It would be nice if when you remove parameter from keyset it automatically removes the related entry in Addosc.

great work…is there any way you can tell me your set up step by step…if not all cool. is there a way to connect it to live music just like in your video? with addon link should i download

thank you

Would it be handy for this type of plugin to be able to hook into Blender’s event loop? Perhaps Blender should support the asyncio event-loop API.

It depends on the software you are using, you can connect any (OSC enabled) software to blender via AddOSC,
Reaktor - Ableton(max msp) - VCV Rack - Reaper - PureData all have OSC support.

my setup: VCV Rack (Sound generator + OSC) -> puredata(OSC Router) -> Blender(OSC to parameters).